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Pomeranian Colours

Blue Pomeranians. Photos and description.

Blue in the Pomeranian is a solid colour.  Blue Poms have light to dark grey guard hairs and a grey undercoat and often have a bluish cast to the coat. Some Blue Poms can be such a dark shade of blue, that may look black in certain light unless compared to a genuine example of these colors.  

Blue Pomeranian puppies are usually born a silver color or may appear to be black.  Blue Pom pups develop a silver/grey undercoat and a darker slate grey outer coat as they mature.

Blue Pomeranians are diluted blacks and must have blue points (Eye rims, nose and pads ) . Blue Pomeranians are usually the result of breeding blacks together. In the event the coat is made up of any kind of additional colors the dog is appropriately termed as a parti-color or bi-color.

Blue Pomeranian
Pictured above: Blue Pomeranian. Beau James Prince of Tides. Breeder Cynthia Wallen, Beau James Pomeranians.













blue pomeranian Beau James Man of Steel
Blue Pomeranian puppy bred by Beau James Pomeranians.










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