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Where can you Buy a Mini or Miniature Pomeranian, Toy or Teacup Pom ?

mini teacup pomeranian pup, pictures of teacup pomeraniansBasically the answer is nowhere. I have found after talking with people who are enquiring about purchasing a mini, toy, pocket, teacup, or miniature Pomeranians, these people are actually asking to purchase the correct show size Pomeranian.

Always purchase your Pomeranian from a reputable, registered SHOW breeder. A Show breeder breeds Pomeranians conforming closely to the Pomeranian breed standard, so you can expect a puppy purchased from these sources to mature at between 3 and 7 lbs.

Avoid “breeders” who advertise their puppies as Mini, Toy, Pocket, Teacup or Miniature Pomeranians. Ask your breeder about any health testing and DNA profiling done with the parents of the puppy.

Find Show Pomeranian Breeders at this link.

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A Pomeranian dog which is recognized as show quality should be in the weight range 3 to 7 lbs. There is very good reason to have the minimum weight of 3 lbs. There are often problems with very small animals. Among the most common to appear are associated with health and vulnerability to ailments that larger animals of that breed often take in their stride. There is usually an underlying health problem that restricts a very small puppy’s growth. Most often this health problem will be of a very serious nature.

Breeding very small Pomeranians is often fraught with problems . Natural whelping is often impossible and veterinary intervention may be required, with the resultant vet bills. The smallest puppies in a litter often will have problems feeding naturally from their mother. The larger, stronger puppies will push the smaller sibling of the teat. Human intervention, by way of tube feeding if the puppy is very weak or bottle feeding for a slightly stronger puppy, is required if this puppy is to survive. In most animals the small members of the litters are called “runts”. The runts are not looked at as having any breeding potential and are certainly not used in any breeding program, nor are they built up as something to be sought after. The percentage of “runts” are generally kept to a minimum in any good breeding program.

Very small Pomeranians are far more fragile than the normal sized Pomeranians. Often requiring a lot of special care during their lifetime. Very tiny Poms are not suitable in households with young children. A small Pom can be easily killed or suffer serious injuries by being dropped by a young child.

When purchasing a Pomeranian as a family companion or pet it is always important to select the healthiest puppy available. A shortened life span on much loved family pet will have greatly affect all family members. If you are still determined to have a very small Pomeranian ( less than 4lb as an adult ). Go to extreme lengths to ensure that you purchase a healthy and active Pomeranian puppy. I would avoid having a small Pomeranian puppy shipped, so make arrangements to see the puppy in the fur prior to purchase. Ask about the puppy’s age. Pomeranian puppies should not leave there mother and siblings until at least 8 weeks of age. A very small Pomeranian puppy should not be leaving the breeder until at least 10 to 12 weeks of age.

Tips on what to look for in a healthy Pomeranian Pup

Find Show Pomeranian Breeders at this link.

Good luck with your Pomeranian puppy.

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