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How to Make a Pomeranian Happy: 20 Important Tips

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As a proud Pomeranian parent, I love doing everything to ensure my dogs’ health, happiness, and life. I appreciate the fact that a happy Pomeranian will live longer. In this article, I share the best tips on how to make a Pomeranian happy.

My Pomeranians bring me so much joy, knowing that I can pet them while watching TV, walk them, play with them or feed them delicious healthy foods.

What Do Pomeranians Like?

It’s the small things Pomeranians love that make all the difference. Pomeranians have a tendency to be bubbly and full of energy most of the time.

However, like all animals and people, they can become stressed and even depressed, a state you wouldn’t wish on anybody. Whenever any of my Pomeranians are clearly depressed, I try a range of different things to make every Pomeranian happy and cheerful again.

How to Make Your Pomeranian Happy?

1. Feed Him High-Quality, Healthy Food

There’s a well-known human saying, “you are what you eat.” It’s no less applicable to Pomeranians. You know what happens if you live on a diet of McDonalds, KFC, and other fast foods that are very unhealthy. You gain weight and get sick. Imagine doing the same thing to your Pomeranian. Because he relies on you for all his food, that’s just cruel.

You need to choose high-quality, healthy food for him and then he’ll be a happy Pomeranian dog. He’ll have plenty of energy and will live a long, healthy life. Eating good, healthy food is a pleasurable pastime, not just for you but for your animals too. Mind you, it doesn’t mean you can’t give him a treat now and then like you do yourself.

Pomeranians and other small breeds are acknowledged as often having allergies to some ingredients and additives in food. To prevent reactions, if possible, feed your Pomeranian a raw or home-cooked diet.

It’s vital that you buy food that is from well-known brands that are both good quality and, in most cases, use organic ingredients. Because I own a number of Pomeranians, I monitor their behavior and reactions whenever I give them anything new, in case they have a negative reaction.

How to Make a Pomeranian Happy
How to Make a Pomeranian Happy

2. Daily Walks

Food is only one component of good health in canines. Another is regular exercise and there’s no better way to get exercise for your dog and yourself simultaneously than to walk. A short walk around your neighborhood is a great way for you to get to know the locals and for your dog to make a few new friends while stretching and walking.

It’s recommended that your Pomeranian should take you for a walk twice a day (in ideal scenarios) but twice can often prove difficult so if you can at least go for a daily walk, that will be good.

3. Get a No-Pull Dog Harness

Most Pomeranians have a tendency to want to go faster than you’re going, maybe to meet another dog, a child, or to find a tree. The only way they can tell you to go faster is to tug on their leash. Whether it’s barking, tail wagging, it all means they want to go quicker. Unfortunately, when they tug, the leash tightens on their throat and can literally stop him from breathing.

The solution to this serious problem is to get some “no-pull” harnesses. Pomeranians are prone to a very common canine health issue known as a collapsed trachea. This is a degradation of the cartilage of the windpipe, forcing your Pom’s windpipe to collapse into itself.

This is typically a genetic disorder and is usually unavoidable. However, the no-pull harness decreases the amount of discomfort felt when walking and pulling on the harness.

4. Stylish Haircut

For most people, having a haircut is a feeling that’s unparalleled, and this also applies to Pomeranians. I do know not all my Poms enjoy the physical act of having their haircuts.

However, what do Pomeranians like is that feeling once it has been done. They look amazing and the amount of attention they receive after leaving the groomer can’t be surpassed, which they also love.

A vital aspect is that you need to trust the groomer and they must be experienced at grooming of Pomeranians as if the groomer cut the inner coat, irreversible damage can occur. Do yourself (and your Pomeranians) a favor and find a groomer who is very experienced with the grooming of this small furry bundle of joy.

Pomeranian Dog" data-pin-title="Pomeranian Dog" src="" alt="Pomeranian Dog" class="wp-image-1015933"/>
Pomeranian Dog

5. Daily Brushing

It’s necessary for you to maintain a good look with your hair because it gives you an air of confidence and a positive attitude. The same thing applies to your Pomeranian. One of his most impressive attributes is his glorious hair so, when you’re getting him brushed and groomed, it’s because you know how to make a Pomeranian happy.

There are some Pomeranians that dislike the actual process of hair brushing. However, there’s no denying the incredible feeling once it has been done.

It improves their skin and coat health because the process spreads their naturally- produced essential oils. When I brush hair, I choose to use good quality grooming tools on a daily basis and I know they love it!

6. Occasional Treats

There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t like an occasional treat. My preference is a little chocolate now and then as it keeps my mood light and happy. Pomeranians also love treats, but it’s forbidden to give them chocolate because it’s poisonous.

However, you’ll quickly discover what doggie treats make a happy Pomeranian puppy. You can use those treats to spoil him or to reinforce good behavior because it’s all up to you.

I try to avoid doing it more than once each day. The best time is after he has done something good without being told.

For example, if he goes outside to use the designated bathroom, and comes straight back in, that’s wonderful behavior and deserves a treat. It makes him happy and also reinforces that it’s the right behavior, instead of finding a tiny spot inside where he thinks you won’t notice.

7. A Comfortable Bed

As people, we spend approx. one-third of our adult lives sleeping. With Pomeranians (especially puppies), it’s even more. Good quality sleep and a healthy lifestyle need a decent, comfortable bed, whether you’re human or canine.

One of many major Pomeranian tips is that if you want your Pomeranian to be both healthy and happy, spend good money on his bedding.

Over the years, I have needed to buy a few dog beds. I soon learned that buying him a bed a bit bigger than his actual body is wise. Then he can roll around and stretch out whenever he feels the urge. After all, isn’t your bed longer and wider than your body?

You should also clean his bedding regularly to help eliminate bacteria and prevent your Pomeranian (and anyone else animal or human) from getting sick. If you’re currently looking to buy him a bed, I recommend you visit our article with full details of dog beds suitable for Pomeranians.

8. Cooler in Summer and Warmer in Winter

Regardless of where you live and the weather changes you have to tolerate, it has to be said that one of the worst feelings you can have is being too hot or too cold. This doesn’t apply to us as humans because we do have a certain control over our environment.

Air conditioning, heating, extra clothing, or stripping down to the bare minimum are all ways we can make ourselves feel better. Pomeranians may appear to handle colder climates as they have that glorious double-coat, but the fact is that they can still feel cold sometimes.

On the other side of the world where the heat is so overbearing for animals and humans, Pomeranians can easily overheat so it’s essential to keep your Pomeranians’ temperature at a comfortable level.

Cream Pomeranian Dog
Cream Pomeranian Dog

Here are some things to know about Pomeranians

Here are some workable solutions to help keep your Pomeranians comfortable, and that will make them happy.

In Summer:

• Make sure their hair is groomed regularly and that it’s trimmed as short as is practical.
• Their water bowls should always be filled with clean cold water, topping it up more often than necessary and clean the bowls each time. The more fluids they drink, the more comfortable they’ll feel.
• If any rooms have slate floor tiles, let your Pomeranians lay on them because that helps cool them down.
• Cool + fluids = happy Pomeranians

In Winter:

  • I prefer to leave their hair as long as is practical and safe.
  • Put Winter dog clothing on to maintain body warmth when you take them for walks (subject to the weather). Clothing does make them seem cute in Winter.
  • Depending on the type of heating you home has, allow them to lay on the floor in front of a heater, or curled up on your lap under a blanket.
  • Consider moving their bed close to a heater at night if it’s safe and practical (only if you decide to leave the heater on).

9. Quality Time Socializing with Other Small Dogs

Pomeranians are incredibly social creatures, so it’s essential that they have enough time where they can play with their canine friends.

It’s vital to keep them healthy and so they can use their primal dog play instincts. Sure, they’re social but sometimes they demonstrate a Napoleon Complex.

I have recently noticed that while my Pomeranians are on their leashes, they’ll go crazy barking at other dogs. However, the second you release your dogs, they become calm, particularly if those others are running around freely.

10. Sisters and Brothers

I love it when there are numerous Pomeranians playing and chasing each other around my home. These little furballs have a powerful positive effect on the mood of everyone in my home, canine and human.

I’m also a firm believer in making sure my Pomeranians all have one or more friends to play with, given every opportunity.

White Pomeranians" data-pin-title="White Pomeranians" src="" alt="White Pomeranians" class="wp-image-1015935"/>
White Pomeranians

As parents of Pomeranians, there’s only a certain number of things we can do to make them happy. What do Pomeranians love even more? Sometimes they’re better off playing with other Pomeranians as it’s the most natural thing to do.

It’s ideal for their mental, social and physical health, making them more active at the same time. The combination of everything improves the chances that your Pomeranians will enjoy a healthy, happy long life.

11. Playtime with Fun Toys

All dog owners (including Pomeranian owners) know just how much dogs love it when there are plenty of different toys to play with.

So, you need to always have a collection of toys, some for your dogs to play with, and plenty of spares to replace the ones your Poms break, tear, or otherwise damage. Toys can lift your dogs’ spirits, whether you’re playing with them as well or if they’re finding ways to amuse themselves.

12. Barking Time

It’s necessary that dogs release their internal wolf sometimes and Pomeranians do it by barking. If you own Pomeranians, you’ll be aware that they’re more than happy to bark.

While some owners may think it’s an annoying habit, allowing them to bark a bit is healthy for them and also makes them happy.

Personally, I don’t mind my Pomeranians barking a little during the day when people are usually awake in my neighborhood. However, in the evening, I try to prevent them from barking much out of respect for the neighbors and because it’s relaxation time for my family and myself.

13. Calm, Quiet Environment

If you notice your Pomeranian while you’re at a BBQ, party, or some other get-together, you’ll see that he loves being the center of everybody’s focus. However, he can’t sustain that amount of energy for a prolonged period, so he’ll need somewhere to rest and recover once he has expended that amount of intense energy.

So, it’s important to think about always having a nearby place where your Pomeranian can go to decrease stress levels and relax whenever there’s a social activity planned.       

Pomeranian Dog
Pomeranian Dog

Pomeranians also have a strong dislike for extremely loud noises such as fireworks and very loud music. Your dogs will often howl at sounds they don’t like. Your Pomeranians will be happy and grateful if you provide a calm, quiet environment in such situations.

14. Clean Teeth

As humans, we routinely clean our teeth twice daily. With Pomeranians, it’s quite different.

Their happiness is directly related to their freshness. Pomeranians have a reputation for developing bad teeth over a long duration, so ensuring their teeth are as clean and fresh as possible will keep them happy for a long time.

Cleaning your Pomeranians’ teeth daily is almost impossible, especially if you have quite a few of them. Therefore, plan to do them once or twice a week.

If you have lots of Pomeranians, do a few each day if that’s easier. Most Poms dislike having their teeth brushed but they do love the way it feels once it’s over. I know this is the case as they become a lot more excited.

15. Car Rides

Everyone knows the expression on a dog’s face whenever their head is out the window in the car. Either they like the breeze or are attempting to eat some air.
Either way, they view a car ride as an adventure so I take one or two of them in my car every chance I get.

However, there are a few things to check before starting out: Never roll the window down too low (obviously). If you get out of the car when the weather is hot, don’t leave your dogs inside unattended. Even if you do lower the windows, your Poms can quickly become hot, and that can seriously affect their health.

16. Trimmed Paw Nails

If you don’t have carpeted floors, you’ll soon hear when your Pomeranians’ nails are too long. That unmistakable clicking sound is fun and it gets even funnier when they run around, merrily clicking away as they go.

It’s important to trim your Pomeranian's’ nails so they can move around without sliding on solid or hardwood floors and it’s also healthy for them.

The chore of nail trimming isn’t one I like doing. However, once it’s done, their mood improves significantly so when I start to hear the click, click, click of their nails, I start to clip, clip, clip until they feel happy once again and I can hear them moving around the house freely.

17. Dog Training

If you don’t want your dogs to have any purpose in life, you need to lead them and teach them what they should know. One significant method for ensuring your Pomeranians feel both loved and happy is to teach them how they should act around your home and when they’re in social settings. Because Pomeranians are regarded as being exceptionally smart, they should easily cope with proper training.

All the Pomeranians I have ever owned have been correctly trained to listen and obey my commands, to behave properly when socializing, and last, but not least, how to properly use the bathroom.

Despite it perhaps seeming odd, your Pomeranians will have a great deal of respect for you and will be happier as a result, all because they understand that’s you’re the boss. Realizing that you simply have their best interest at heart is something they greatly appreciate.

18. Bath Time

It’s a fact that staying clean and fresh is a vital aspect of the health of all dogs, including Pomeranians. If their skin and coats are healthy, they’ll be less likely to get sick, meaning they should live long happy lives.

Not all Pomeranians will get excited when it’s bath time but, from experience, they always love the end results.

Happy Pomeranian
Happy Pomeranian

My Pomeranians and I all get great pleasure when I use the blow dryer. But it’s critical that you keep the dryer’s setting on low so you don’t accidentally damage their coat.

19. Off to The Vet

It’s virtually impossible to own a dog that likes going to the vet. Many people dread going to see their doctor but, in both cases, there’s a net positive that comes out of it in the long term.

Keeping up with all potential medical problems that can happen to your Pomeranians is absolutely critical and will ensure they live a healthier, happier, happier longer life.

Pomeranians Love Being with Their Family

We have kept the most important thing about your little dog until last. Pomeranians love spending time with their family…and the reverse is also true. Owners love being with their Poms as much as possible as well.

People and Pomeranians are both extremely social creatures. They crave attention and if they don’t get enough social interaction, they can become mentally stressed. Nothing replaces the interactions between canines and there’s also no replacements for the time you spend with your Pomeranians.

Final Thoughts on How to Make your Pomeranian Happy

If you are anything like me, you totally love your Pomeranians and treasure time spent with them. Improving the happiness and good health of each Pomeranian requires maximum effort and plenty of what I have explained today but you can’t replace the amount of high-quality time the entire family spends together, and this doesn’t only include people, but also my little, energetic, four-legged balls of fur.

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