Looking For a Pomeranian Puppy?
pomeranian puppyIt is vital to acquire a puppy from a registered SHOW breeder and not via an individual who has invested no thought or planning into their breeding whatsoever. Prospective Pomeranian owners should understand the huge difference in the quality between puppies produced by a dedicated SHOW breeder and other sources.Read More

Feeding your Pomeranian

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How to Feed Your Pomeranian. How much and how often are vital questions. You should decide what foods you’ll feed your dog and wean him off the foods the breeder fed him and onto the foods you intend to give him in the long term. You need to feed your Pomeranian properly or he can become overweight. Then he’ll have health problems, similar to human problems. Read More


Puppy’s Vaccinations
and Being More Social

pomeranian puppy

Your puppy loves playing with other puppies in any new
place including the beach or park. He gets very excited when given the
opportunities to do this. However, you need to be aware that there are
numerous contagious diseases that exist inside your puppy’s community.
Diseases including Parvovirus are very dangerous to puppies while they’re
developing and growing. It’s essential that you keep your puppy safe
and healthy before allowing him to go out and play in the real world.

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Low Blood Sugar Levels Affect
Puppies Far More Than Adult Dogs
pomeranian puppy

Even if your puppy is very healthy, low blood sugar
levels may still affect him. This is why it’s critical to understand
the symptoms and how to manage them properly. Dogs that have diabetes
suffer from hypoglycaemia. This means low blood sugar. Sugar enters
cells with some help from insulin but too much insulin causes this condition.
Puppies rarely have diabetes but may have low blood sugar because of
intestinal parasites that affect digestion. Toy dog breeds such as Pomeranians)
have almost no storage of fat.

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