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Breeding Pomeranians

Breeding Pomeranians

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How Often, And Until What Age, Can Pomeranians Be Safely Bred?

What a controversial topic! The opinions vary a lot between owners, breeders and reproduction experts.

Pomeranian Female Dog Breeding Age

How old should a female dog be before breeding? Most believe that the female dog isn’t mature enough on her first heat cycle. She can’t bred prior to her second cycle and she needs to be in perfect health before breeding is even tried.

As For Consecutive Pomeranian Pregnancies, There are Three Schools of Thought:

  •  Breed every second season.
  • Breed for two seasons and then skip one season.
  • Breed every season with no trouble. Some experts believe that skipping a season isn’t natural and may create a hormonal imbalance that may affect the dam’s health. If a bitch needed C-sections, she would definitely need a longer recovery time between litters. The American Animal Hospital Association has been quoted as saying: “I know of no stance by any organisation, AAHA or AVMA, on people breeding their dogs during each and every heat cycle. I personally don’t recommend it, but there’s no policy by anyone official that I’m aware of at this time.

As far as the effect of consecutive pregnancies are concerned, there’s probably little, if any, effect if the female Pomeranian dog is in good physical condition to begin with on each of her pregnancies. You have to remember that this is the way it was designed in nature, to keep the population going and it was survival of the fittest. 

Consecutive breedings shouldn’t occur often. One season’s rest (as a minimum) must be allowed between litters. If she has consecutive litters and the first litter only produces a single puppy, she should still have a rest for a year before breeding again.

You may decide to breed her twice in a row if your aim is to whelp her at a better time of year. This may be desired if she had a small litter or had infertility issues.

The dam needs to be in perfect health for this to happen and the litter sizes usually reduce and the energy and puppy sizes usually decrease as well so there isn’t really a valid reason for it.

Newborn Pomeranian Puppies
Newborn Pomeranian Puppies

One exception can be the female Pomeranian dog who only has one cycle per year. She can be bred in consecutive seasons because Nature has already determined her cycle to have a year’s rest.

Breeding Pomeranians

The bottom line is that every breeder needs to weigh up the health of his dog and her previous history and then make an educated decision. When it comes to the age of a female pomeranian for breeding, again the opinions vary enormously.

Final Thoughts on  Female Pomeranian for Breeding Age

Some vets and breeders believe female dogs should be spayed at around 5 years of age and others believe female dogs can keep being bred until they’re 8 years old.

Note that toy dogs age slower than bigger dogs. Then you have the tales of female dogs jumping the fence aged 10 or 11 and finding a Pomeranian stud dog. This female Pomeranian, then whelps and produces a healthy litter of four puppies. The reproductive history and health of the female Pomeranian are determining factors the breeder must consider before choosing what to do. 

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