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Are Pomeranians Mean? A Detailed Look into Their Personality Traits

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Pomeranians are charming, and they know it! Resembling the fluffy pom balls, Pomeranians, aka Poms, are cute little dogs.

Whether you are a new Pomeranian owner or plan to change your life by buying one, you may have been told that Pomeranians are mean dogs.

A dog’s temperament is shaped by genetics, environment, and personal experiences, so it’s possible but extremely rare to have a mean Pomeranian.

To answer your questions; are Pomeranians mean, or why are Pomeranians so mean, and all your queries about their personality traits, we’ll delve into the details of this dog breed.

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Are Pomeranians Mean?

Pomeranian Personality Traits

With a lion-like look, the stuffed Pomeranians are a toy breed. They are friendly, perky, and lively, yet they can be intimidating. Despite their small size, they can confront bigger dogs. Here's all you need to know about their personality.

1.     They’ll take All Your Love

Pomeranians are attention seekers, and so are most dogs! They crave for human touch and will appreciate your presence more than anything.

This breed is a blend of independence and loyalty. They like to whirl around you and sit on your lap. Their basic necessity is love; food comes later.

But the best part, they'll give much, much more love back!

2.      No Nonsense Acceptable

Toy breeds can be a little on the aggressive side, and anything from loud noises to chaotic situations can trigger them. The reason is fear, and their reaction to fear can lead them to bark, growl, nip, or even bite people.

PS: Families with toddlers should avoid getting Poms because Pomeranians cannot always tolerate your child’s tomfoolery.

3.     Even more Fragile!

Yet another reason for families with children to not get a Pomeranian. Pomeranians are a toy breed and are more fragile than you expect.

Though out of sheer love, a little clumsy move from your child can injure or even kill your Pomeranian.

Pomeranians are not as robust as other dog breeds, and you need to be a little more careful. Do not squeeze them or cuddle them strongly.

Moreover, if you buy a puppy Pomeranian, make sure he does not spend too much time around the house and keep him safe in a crate until his organs are fully developed and are under control.

4.     Want to Know-it-All

Yes, these attractive balls of fur are the most curious creatures. They like to know everything that exists around them.

They have the most alert ears and a sharp nose to sense everything around them, be it things or situations.

That’s a plus point if you need a little companion and a watchdog.

Pomeranians Mean Dogs?
Pomeranians Mean Dogs?

5.     More Worn-Out Days

Or should we say more ACTIVE ones? Yes, Pomeranians are an active dog breed that will keep you running here and there along with them.

If you’re not a couch potato, get ready for an active journey with lots of playtimes and walks with your furry friend.

6.     Don’t Let Them Outsmart You!

Pomeranians are smarter than most toy breeds. Their charismatic appearance and intelligence make them the perfect choice for circuses and agility shows.

Their trait of being active is yet another plus point in making them competent.

A little work on them, and they’ll prove to be the crème de la crème in intelligence.

PS: Never let them outsmart you. They should know you're the boss; you out rule them, not the other way round.

7.     The Shrewdness in them…

Did you fall for that look? Damn! They just manipulated you. Their bear-buttoned eyes are not always as innocent as they seem. Pomeranians are an intelligent and independent toy breed.

They have their own mind capable of deciding and, at times, deceit. You must give them the training to teach them to obey you.

8.     As Brave As a Lion

Pomeranians not only resemble the lion cubs in appearance, their personality resembles lions too. They are brave and daring, and due to their strong traits, they try to get away with everything they do.

Their confidence can even lead them to intimidate dogs that are much bigger as compared to themselves. Small dog syndrome is pretty common in them. Due to their smaller size, they get away with behavioral issues that owners wouldn't let bigger dogs exhibit.

Setting up boundaries is highly important if you are owning or planning to own a Pomeranian.

Are Pomeranians Mean Dogs?
Are Pomeranians Mean Dogs?

9.     Nothing Fishy Around Them

Suspiciousness is common in them. If something fishy is going on around them, they’ll never let it slide.

Sometimes, this trait can be a bit problematic, especially when you have guests around. Socializing them is extremely important. But once they are socialized well, get ready to see them greet your guests!

10.Perfect Watchdogs

Pomeranians are perfect watchdogs, and why wouldn't they be? They have all the traits that make them an ideal choice if you're looking for a toy breed watchdog.

They are smart, alert, brave, shrewd, suspicious, and do not accept any nonsense around them. Despite their 7-12 inches size, Pomeranians will never let strangers break into your house. Their confidence and tendency to bark will keep burglars at bay.

To ensure they don't bark at every other stranger they see, it is mandatory to socialize them well and expose them to different sounds and unusual situations.

11.Lots of Hair!

Get ready to see ample shedding and frequent grooming sessions with them! Do not buy a Pomeranian if you’re not someone who could bear shedding.

They have a thick and furry coat which requires frequent combing and brushing. You might also need to see your groomer every once in a while to get your Pomeranian puppy trimmed.

12.Lots of Woofs!

Small in size, perky, friendly, curious, playful, suspicious, medium shedders, and now comes excessive barking.

Pomeranians are potential barkers, and if you're living in apartments, your neighbors might not be okay with Poms.

Poms try to seek your attention or food. Ignoring their barking will lead them to think that barking is good for nothing.

Appropriate training can reduce their barking, but after all, is said and done, all small dogs like to bark.

Are Pomeranians Mean?
Are Pomeranians Mean?

Something About their Aggression - Why are Pomeranians so Mean?

Poms are not aggressive in general. In fact, they are descended from Spitz, which was a large working dog breed. Humans have been adopting Poms as lapdog companions for ages.

So, if your pomeranian is showing signs of aggression, i.e., barking, howling, nipping, or even biting, they are not being mean; there exists a reason behind it.

Pomeranians’ behavioral problems occur when they feel vulnerable or are having health issues. Below are some reasons your Pom is acting a bit aggressive.

1.     Identity Confusion

Aggression towards strangers is justified, but if Poms show signs of aggression towards their family members, chances are, they do not know their position in the family.

You need to teach them hierarchy and let them know who the leader is. Since canines are pack animals, they need a pack leader who leads them.

Aggression towards family members means your Pomeranian puppy is considering you his peer, which, in any case, you are not.

Never let them stay confused about who the boss is, and your Pom must obey your commands.

2.     Anxiousness

Being fearful is another reason that leads to behavioral problems in not just Poms but any dog.

Unusual sounds, chaotic situations, or strangers can make your Pom very fearful, wrestling in aggression. Your Pom’s immediate reaction could be barking, growling, nipping, or even biting people.

Socializing Pomeranians from a very young age is necessary. Introduce them to different situations and loud noises and teach them how to react to the circumstances.

As they say, 'prevention is better than cure, so proper training at an early age can prevent anything dreadful from happening in the future.

3.     Medical Conditions

Yes, if your Pom is well-behaved and, out of nowhere, starts showing signs of aggression, chances are, he is sick and in pain.

There is no other way a dog could explain that he is in pain except to growl, snarl, or even bite.

Therefore, if you see sudden behavioral changes, visit your vet to confirm if your dog suffers from any underlying diseases.

4.     Aggression Towards Strangers or Toddlers

Aggression towards strangers is common in every dog type. With proper socializing and patience during training time, this type of aggression is easy to overcome.

Your dog should know he isn’t supposed to bark at people in the neighborhood or your guest.

But strangers like someone coming to your place to sell stuff, or your mailman are true strangers. Aggression towards these strangers is not a bad thing in general. This helps in keeping your house away from intruders.

Dogs are smart enough not to show aggressive behavior towards children or senior adults. If your Pom shows aggression towards your toddler, chances are, your toddler touched your dog's toys or did something that could trigger the aggression. The same goes for the elderly.

If you think potential danger like biting is possible, a professional trainer must be brought in for training.

Are Pomeranians Mean Dogs?
Pomeranians Mean Dogs?

Some Tips to Train Aggression

Before you begin training for your Pomeranian’s behavioral issues, rule out the chances of him being sick. Physical examination and some blood tests will tell your vet what your dog is going through. Based on his condition, your vet will recommend medications and will help you with other remedies.

Once the chance of being sick is out of bounds, next comes training your Pomeranian puppy to control aggressive behavior. Below are some tips that might help you save your and your puppy's day:

  1. ‘Time-out zone’ is a mandatory place you need while you train your dog. You can either designate a small area in your rooms with mini gates or select an entirely different room like your living room for this. Remember, your dog shouldn’t feel isolated from the rest of the family while he's in a time-out zone, and at the same time, he shouldn't be with the family. Choose an area near yourself.
  2. Teaching about the alpha member of the family is important. Your dog must know you are the leader of the pack, and this is the hierarchy that will always be followed. To teach them to obey you, your dog should follow you while going out or coming inside the home, not the other way round. Teach them to sit every time they are served food or snacks.

If aggression crosses severe levels, never sit with your dog on the floor or allow them to sit with you on the sofa or sleep with you on the bed. Teaching about hierarchy is mandatory, and till they learn their place in the family pack, keep your training rigid.

  1. The idea of the time-out zone is to make clear to your dogs that they will be banned from the family if they show aggression. So, every time they tend towards aggression, put them in the time-out zone immediately.

Remember, immediate action is important. If you punish your dog later, he might not even know why you punished him. Every time he nips or growls, send him to the time-out zone, and eventually, he will learn that this behavior will not be accepted.

PS: Always be kind to your Pomeranian puppy.

  1. To help your puppy differentiate between strangers like your guests and your delivery man, you need to take help from your friends.

Ask a few of your friends to visit you and show your dog you are okay with their coming. Greet your friends in front of your dog, so he knows that anyone you greet is welcomed. Put him in the time-out zone if he is aggressive towards your friends. You can repeat the process with a few friends coming over in closed intervals.

But whenever your mailman arrives and your dog barks, do not send them in the zone; you can rather pat their back, so he knows this stranger wasn't welcomed. This training is mandatory if you want your Pom to be a watchdog.

If training doesn’t work, which can be the case sometimes, and aggression persists even after prolonged training sessions and many weeks, it’s time to call professional trainers. Qualified behavioral trainers will make your job easier for you and turn your strong-willed dog into a good dog.

PS: if you think your Pom’s aggression is potentially threatening, keep him outside the house or on a leash until your trainer is finished teaching him manners.

Are Pomeranians Mean Dogs?
Are Pomeranians Mean Dogs?

Are Pomeranians Good Dogs?

If Pomeranians weren’t good, Mozart and Queen Victoria wouldn’t have owned them. Many celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Sharon Osborne, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Gavin Rossdale, and many more are spotted with their Poms.

Pomeranians are not good dogs; they are great dogs for many reasons. They will love you more than themselves, will protect you, will play with you, will hug you, will be loyal to you always, and will be your best companion for many years to come.

Final Words:

If you're wondering about Pomeranians being mean, stop right now. These small dogs may have a little more attitude than their size, but overall, every moment spent with them is more adorned.

Just because you were told that Pomeranians are mean doesn't make it true. A dog’s personality depends heavily upon genetics and environmental factors.

Make sure you train your Pomeranian puppy correctly to avoid any behavioral problems. But again, that is the deal you sign with every dog you bring home.

 Happy Pom-ing!

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