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The Facts: Are Pomeranians Protective of Their Owners?

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Last Updated on 09/02/2024 by Dochlaggie. Post first published on April 27, 2022.

Are Pomeranians protective of their owners? Find out in this article. We shall also discuss whether Pomeranians are good with strangers or not.

When it comes to the Pomeranian, aka Pompom or Pom, we need to clear one thing up the dog breed is not cuddly because of its size. Instead, this dog breed is cuddly because of its personality.

The Pomeranian has its origins as a working dog. They were bred down from much larger dogs. Since they were originally bred from larger spitz dog breeds, they have much of the same temperament as that large dog, which means they are a very loyal and protective breed.

There’s no better companion for your next adventure than a Pomeranian.

They’ll watch your back and even let you know if there is any trouble brewing. They’re great at alerting you to danger—whether a stray cat or an intruder in your home.

Poms will bark to alert you of anything unusual—and then they’ll run around trying to protect their owner from whatever it is that has them so alarmed!

Are Pomeranians Protective of Their Owners?
Are Pomeranians Protective of Their Owners?

Pomeranian Protective of Owner: Yay or Nay?

As a general rule, Pomeranians are known to be protective of their owners. However, there is also those dogs who enjoy the company of all animals and humans.

Your dog is probably protective of you in some ways. Canines are pack animals, and they see us as part of their pack, so it’s natural that they would protect us from any perceived threat. But when it comes to guarding your home, a Pomeranian may not be the best choice owing to its small size.

A Pomeranian will scare intruders who can’t see how small the dog actually is, by making lots of noise barking at the slightest sound.

Pomeranians have the trademark poofy faces and tiny snouts that make them look like tiny foxes. Still, their size and tendency toward friendly behavior mean that it’s unlikely that a Pomeranian will scare off an intruder.

In fact, if an intruder does enter your home, your Pomeranian might even try to befriend them!

So as you can see, yes—Pomeranians are very protective of their owners. But they’re also loving, loyal companions who will be happy to be protective of their human friends or owners. So the answer is yes, and here’s why:

Pomeranians are alert, which means they can detect intruders in your home or yard. This makes them great watchdogs.

Pomeranians bond closely with their owners, so they want to protect you.

And they’re small enough that it’s easy for them to hide under furniture or behind you where the intruder won’t see them—but they definitely still know what’s up.

If you’re looking for a protective guard dog, a Pomeranian is not a good choice owing to size.

Are Pomeranians Protective of Their Owners?
Are Pomeranians Protective of Their Owners?

Do Pomeranians Get Attached to Their Owners?

Pomeranians are known for being very loyal, sweet dogs. Not only do they quickly form bonds with their owners, but they also dislike being left alone. This can make it difficult to go to work or leave your dog at home when you need to run out for a few hours because your Pomeranian will likely become anxious and depressed in your absence.

In addition, it can make them prone to separation anxiety. If you are gone for long periods or regularly for short periods, your Pomeranian may become depressed and lethargic, leading to health problems.

You can try different activities with your dog to figure out what he likes and develop a long-lasting relationship. If you find something your dog enjoys, you can use it to keep him happy and entertained when you need to leave the house for more than an hour or two.

Suppose you plan on leaving your dog for long periods, whether at work or somewhere else, you may want to consider another breed of dog. Pomeranians can suffer from separation anxiety and develop destructive habits if left alone for too long.

Pomeranian Popularity:

In his book “The Intelligence of Dogs,” Stanley Coren ranks Pomeranians 23rd in the list of intelligent dogs.

Pomeranians are a popular breed. They may be tiny, but they are very intelligent and independent. Pomeranians thrive on love and attention from their owners. They are excellent companions and can be protective of their loved ones, especially children.

Since Pomeranians are a small breed, they make great pets for older children. They will not only be great playmates, but they can also help protect your children from harm. However, it would help always to supervise your kids and Pom and never leave them unattended.

Pomeranian Personality:

If you ever meet a Pomeranian, you’ll quickly realize that they are probably the most adorable creature you’ve ever seen.

Pomeranians are best known for being beautiful and fluffy little dogs, but they also have several other traits that make them popular pets. Some of these traits include being friendly, intelligent, and energetic.

Pomeranians can also be quite alert and may bark at any movement they see outside of your home. In some cases, this behavior may be interpreted as being protective.

They’re typically full of life, eager to play, and always ready for snuggles. But what people often don’t realize is that not only are Pomeranians extremely cute, but they are also fiercely loyal. When it comes to protecting their owners, they can be surprisingly brave.

Pomeranians are usually seen as extroverted, energetic, and friendly dogs. However, they’re also known to be lap dogs, so they’re typically seen as companion animals.

Often, people assume that the Pomeranian is just a lap dog because they are so small compared to other breeds. But the truth is that Pom’s temperament runs from extroverted and lively to quiet and shy.

Are Pomeranians Protective of Their Owners?
Are Pomeranians Protective of Their Owners?

Pomeranian Guard Dog:

Of course, there’s always a chance that your dog will surprise you with her protective instincts; some may take on the role of watchdog with enthusiasm. If you want to know if your dog could be an effective guard dog, the best thing to do is talk to a trainer.

Pomeranians are very loyal dogs. They tend to bond with one person and do everything they can to protect that person from harm or danger.

For example, if you have a child afraid of the dark or has nightmares, it might be comforting for them to know that there’s a dog in the house who will watch over them while they sleep. Poms can also help keep your kids safe by alerting you when someone comes near them while they’re asleep at night!

After all, it would be great to have a Pomeranian guard dog by your side to protect you.

Are Pomeranians Good with Strangers?

Strangers can be a little scary for some dogs. Toy breed dogs like Pomeranian puppies are often wary of strangers.

In fact, they tend to be not friendly until they get to know someone well.

Pomeranians were indeed bred to be companion dogs, so they tend to get along well with people they know well. But they can be wary of strangers and protective of their owners—especially if they’re not socialized from an early age.

Do Pomeranians Get Along with Toddlers?

Poms are not suitable or good with toddlers owing to their small size. Your little Pom can also get overwhelmed by the noises and loud voices. So, it’s always wise not to leave your Pom with a toddler unattended.

So, Is It Okay for Your Protective Pomeranian To Be Too Protective?

If you’ve ever brought a new puppy into your home, you already know that Pomeranians are protective of their owners.

However, it’s not uncommon for people to worry that their little Pom is too protective. After all, they’re not exactly the largest or strongest breed globally. But what if the Pomeranian turns out to be too defensive?

The answer to that question is a little more complicated than you might think. First, let’s take a look at why Pomeranians are so protective of their owners, and then we’ll talk about how to balance your pup’s desire to protect you with your own safety and peace of mind.

However, it’s important to draw the line between someone being protective and aggressive. An unhealthy obsession with “Protection” can be dangerous for you and your dog. Your dog should never bite or lunge at others. If this happens, seek professional help from a dog trainer or vet.

9 Pomeranian Traits You Should Know Before You Bring One to Your Home

Pomeranians are known for their friendly temperament, playful nature, and loyal disposition as one of the most popular dog breeds. But, while they may seem like a good choice for families, there are a few things you should know about them before you bring one home.

1)  They Have a Friendly Temperament

Pomeranians are friendly dogs. Their temperament is spirited. While every dog has its own personality, Pomeranians have been bred for generations to be friendly and good with people. While they may not be as outgoing as other breeds, most Pomeranians will enjoy playing with older kids and adults. Even if they don’t want to play all the time, they’ll likely enjoy the company and attention.

2) They Enjoy Playing and Cuddling

Poms love being around humans and other animals alike! They are always looking for someone to cuddle up next to or play with. They love to play and cuddle with their owners even more than they love playing with other dogs!

3) They Are Bold, Brave, and Confident

Poms have a bold, confident personality that makes them very outgoing and sometimes even stubborn.

4) They Bark to Seek attention

Pomeranians are energetic dogs that love to play—especially with their favorite human! They’re very affectionate, so if you’re looking for a snuggly lap pup, this is the dog for you.

If you want your Pom not to bark, then don’t give him attention when he barks.

5) They Crave Your Love and Affection.

They love attention and affection and get lots of it from their human family members, but they also enjoy playing with other small dogs and meeting new people.

6) They Tend to Be Territorial

While they are not known for being the most protective dog breed, Pomeranians can be pretty territorial and will let you know if someone unfamiliar is approaching your house. They’re also quite spirited and will nip at people who don’t take too kindly to them.

7) Pom Pups Are Quite Brave And Confident

They’re not afraid to bark at strangers or other animals. They can get vocal when they want something from their owner too! Poms are eager learners; they want nothing more than to please their humans by obeying commands and learning new tricks.

8) They Need Early Socialization

If you want to have a Pomeranian puppy, remember that it is important to socialize him early to learn how to behave around other dogs and people outside his family unit; otherwise, he might become aggressive toward unfamiliar faces later in life lead him into trouble.

9) They Need Exercise

Pomeranians are little energy balls, so they need ample exercise to burn off their energy. So, if you are someone who loves a hell lot of outings, walks, activities, and playtime, Poms are the dogs for you. Pomeranians need moderate amounts of exercise to stay healthy, so you must take them out for walks each day or let them run around in a fenced-in area regularly. They also enjoy playing games.

Are Pomeranians Protective of Their Owners?
Are Pomeranians Protective of Their Owners?


Pomeranian puppies have a low prey drive, but it still makes sense that they would naturally want to protect their family from intruders or other predators that might enter your home uninvited.

We know your dog is special, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to making him feel loved. Some Poms are foodies, others are athletes, and most dogs need a combination of both. Instead, try different activities with your dog to figure out what he likes and develop a long-lasting relationship.

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