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Do Pomeranians Need a Lot of Attention?

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Last Updated on 23/09/2023 by Dochlaggie. Post first published on April 20, 2020.

If you’re considering the addition of a Pomeranian to your family, you’ll no doubt have plenty of questions regarding how best to look after them. One major question you’ll want answered is – do Pomeranians need a lot of attention?

Exactly how much attention your new Pomeranian will require so you can decide if they’re suited to your lifestyle.

Does a Pomeranian Require An Abundance of Attention?

All canines need attention and Pomeranians don’t differ in that respect. They have a strong preference to always be near their owner, often to the point of being needy, as they are companion dogs. Poms also need plenty of grooming so they will always be looking as incredible as the day they arrived in their new home.

Pomeranian Dog

How do you know if you need to give your Pomeranian extra attention and how long can he be left alone? Read on for the answers to these and other questions.

How Do You Know How Much Attention to Give Your Pom?

I hear plenty of owners asking how long they need to spend paying attention to their Pomeranian. It’s fair enough because you wouldn’t want your Pom feeling ignored or neglected.

It’s nearly impossible to give a definite answer because of the variables; temperament and age being the two biggest.

e.g. Pom puppies sleep most of the time. When they are awake, they’re so energetic that you can’t keep up. Every 2-3 hours they need to be fed, led to the potty spot, and groomed. It’s like caring for a baby. A Pom puppy requires an incredible amount of your attention until he’s housetrained and mature.

Adult Poms don’t have a lot of energy but you still need to take them for two brisk 20 minutes walks each day. Just because a Pomeranian is small, it’s no excuse for not exercising.

You need to brush your Pomeranian’s coat daily to prevent it from tangling and matting, causing your Pom some discomfort. He will need his teeth brushed at least three times each week. Bathing him and trimming his nails also need to be factored into your Pomeranian’s routine.

So, if you add up everything just mentioned and add exercise, grooming and feeding, then you have 1-2 hours each day that you’ll need to devote to the care and attention of your Pomeranian and his basic physical needs.

Of course, there’s also the emotional needs of your Pomeranian that must be considered. He has been bred as a companion dog which is why he dislikes being apart from you for even a short period. He refers being with you so he can keep his eye on whatever you’re doing.

Each Pomeranian is unique in temperament and personality. However, most Poms want t be cuddled and play with you and if they feel neglected, they’re guaranteed to make sure you know it.

Regardless of how much attention you have given your Pomeranian (whether it’s walking, feeding, grooming, etc), don’t be surprised if you’re still being pestered for extra attention. You’ll never find a Pomeranian who doesn’t think he has had enough attention and you’ll certainly know it if you have ignored him for too long.

A typical Pomeranian’s lifespan is 12 to 15 years. If you’re not prepared to meet all his physical and emotional needs for that entire period, perhaps you should think about a different breed.

How Long Are You Able to Leave a Pomeranian On His Own?

Apart from learning how much attention an average Pomeranian may require, it’s just as necessary to understand the approximate amount of time you can leave your Pomeranian on his own.

The main factor is his age. Young Pom puppies should never be left alone for an hour or more because their bladder control is minimal. Every 1-2 hours, you will need to take your puppies out to their designated potty spot so they learn to do their business there and only there.

A mature Pomeranian can be left alone for eight hours as long as he has plenty of toys for entertainment. However, it’s necessary to check that your Pom can’t cause mischief by getting out of his pen, and that his water and food bowls are within easy reach.

Pomeranians are very social and love having company. Despite the fact that you can leave him on his own for eight hours, it won’t mean he’ll be happy as a result. Consider how you might feel if left all alone all day with nobody with whom to talk.

Do Pomeranians Need a Lot of Attention?
Do Pomeranians Need a Lot of Attention?

Remember that Pomeranians and other companion dogs can often succumb to separation anxiety because his bond with you is so strong that when you’re not home, he’s unable to function. Owners can think their Pom is playing up when he’s actually in distress and desperately needs help to enable him to cope.

While you’re away, you won’t know what’s happening at home. Your Pomeranian feels so anxious when you’re not home that he tries to relieve the stress he feels by using various forms of destructive behavior such as: whining, barking and pacing up and down. A neighbor complaining about the constant noise might be the first time you’re made aware of this problem.

There Are Several Things You Can Do to Help Your Pom Feel Less Distressed

  • Go home for lunch and check on him, play with him a little and give him a different toy to play with and, maybe, an extra treat.
  • Get a second dog to keep your Pom company. This often works well, but seek the advice of your vet before doing anything else. Both dogs will keep each other company and that can prevent separation anxiety for both of them.
  • Get a kitten to keep your Pomeranian company. A young kitten will bond with your Pomeranian and they will quickly become good buddies.

Six Signs Your Pomeranian Craves Extra Attention

Now you know Pomeranians love (and need) to be around people. You must find ways to compensate for the time you’re not home. If not, you may notice one or more of these clear indicators that you Pom is clamoring for extra attention.

  • Your Pom Doesn’t Behave Properly.

When you get home, has your dog made a mess? If so, it’s because he’s feeling bored and is trying to find fun ways to keep himself entertained.

You need to make sure he has plenty of mental and physical stimulation so he’s not a tornado, destroying everything wherever he goes.

He might play up while you’re at home, testing boundaries and ignoring your commands.

  • Your Pomeranian Is Extremely Clingy.

You can leave home, and your Pom will have absolutely everything needed, but he will still feel sad that he has no company. Once you arrive home, if your Pom doesn’t leave you for even a single second, it tells you he craves quality time with you. Some Poms will stare at you or sit at your feet, as an indicator that he’s trying to tell you what he needs.

  • Your Pomeranian Appears to Be Sad or Depressed.

How might YOU feel if the person you love the most doesn’t give you any attention and ignores you? You would most likely feel extremely depressed. The same thing happens if you neglect your Pomeranian.


Your Pomeranian may sleep more than normal or he doesn’t have a big appetite. These signs may indicate that your Pom is sick. However, they may indicate that your Pomeranian is all alone and feeling miserable.

While dogs and people are very different, there are times when they demonstrate the same techniques for coping. I mean that they ease boredom and anxiety by stress-eating. Some owners will feed their Pomeranians too much if they feel guilty about ignoring them.

  • Your Pomeranian’s Toenails Are Overgrown

Another indicator of insufficient attention is toenails that have become overgrown. Long nails indicate that you have been so absorbed with everything else in your life that you haven’t had time to trim them, let alone give your Pomeranian the attention he so richly deserves.

  • Pomeranian Barking Issues

Pomeranians often bark to tell their owners they need attention. If your Pom begins to bark without reason, think about how much time you have spent with him recently before you try telling him off.

Closing Thoughts

Now you know that Pomeranians need a lot of attention and that they will be miserable when left alone for too long. You might provide your Pomeranian with the best toys and the most comfortable beds, but nothing can replace your presence. So, spend as much quality time with your Pomeranian as possible.

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