Owning A Cat And A Pomeranian

pomeranian and cat

If you own both a cat and a Pomeranian, the size of these animals is good because both will be of a similar size and one major benefit is that your two pets, although different, will usually become good friends. An average cat will weight approx. 8 – 10 lbs. If you want a canine … Read more…

Types of Pomeranian Heads

pomeranian faces

The standard for Pomeranians contains two phrases: “foxy in outline” and “fox-like expression”.  This isn’t saying that Pomeranians MUST have a face that resembles a fox. This mention of “foxy in outline” and “fox-like” expression has caused much confusion; with some not realising this reference doesn’t mean a long nosed, old fashioned type Pomeranian. The … Read more…

Pomeranians and Royalty

Queen Charlotte and a Pomeranian

In England, in 1761, George III was shortly to be crowned King. His soon-to-be Queen was Charlotte from the Duchy of Mecklenburg, a German territory, and a neighbor of Pomerania. She was only 17 years old when she committed to this politically expedient marriage. Queen Charlotte brought her beloved Pomeranians with her. These dogs were … Read more…

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