Pomeranian Dental Care


Probably the most neglected area of our tiny Pomeranians are their teeth. Often this major health concern is not noticed until a dog’s bad breathe alerts an owner to a problem and at this stage your dog will have suffered tooth loss and possibly gum infections. The Pomeranian’s teeth need care and attention from an … Read more…

Pomeranian Puppy Growth Chart

pomeranian puppy

Exactly how big will my Pomeranian grow? The size of your Pomeranian puppy as an adult depends on a variety of things.Your Pomeranian puppy’s genes play a very important role, so always observe the size of your puppy’s parents. Overfeeding young Pomeranian puppies can also cause unwanted growth spurts. Underfeeding is certainly not beneficial either. … Read more…

Does your Pomeranian bark excessively ?

Barking is a perfectly natural and normal behavior in dogs.Some Pomeranian’s tend to bark more than others. Check with the breeder of your Pomeranian to find out if your Pomeranian’s barking habits are normal. Does the breeder have any special tips or tricks that they may share to help with your Pomeranians’s barking? Ask if … Read more…

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