Feeding your Pomeranian

Pomeranian puppy

How to Feed Your Pomeranian. How much and how often are vital questions. You  should decide what foods you’ll feed your dog and wean him off the foods the breeder fed him and onto the foods you intend to give him in the long term. Understanding Food Needs You need to feed your Pomeranian properly … Read more…

Pom Breed Standard ( U.K.)

Pomeranian Breed Standard ( U.K.) ( Last updated May 2013) General Appearance Compact, short-coupled dog, well knit in frame. Exhibiting great intelligence in expression; activity and buoyancy in deportment. Characteristics Sound, vivacious and dainty. Temperament Extrovert, lively and intelligent. Head and Skull Head and nose foxy in outline, skull slightly flat, large in proportion to … Read more…

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