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Pomeranian Training

Basic Pom Puppy Training

pomeranian puppyThe POMERANIAN

The Pomeranian is a toy dog with a big dog’s attitude and outlook having been bred down in size over several 100 years.
The Pomeranian will not easily back off from a challenge by a larger dog and this can sometimes get him in trouble.
Your Pomeranian is a very loyal and protective friend and will sometimes growl or snap if he feels you are being threatened. It is important for you to reassure him all is well.
It is very important to socialize your Pomeranian with as many different people as possible while he is still quite young.
You need to remember your  Pomeranian dog is a pack animal and all dog packs have a hierarchy, he will need to be taught his place in the pack.
The easiest way to do this is to feed yourself and your children first thus showing him he comes after all of you in the pecking order and then when you have finished eating your dog has his turn.
In educating your Pomeranian in this way you should elevate many other problems like snapping at the kids as he already knows he is of lower ranking in the pack than them.

The way your Pomeranian learns.
This was explained to me many years ago by my brother who is a military police dog trainer with over 25 years experience.

Your dogs’ brain remembers by taking a snap shot of pleasant and not so pleasant experiences and he has a lot of these stacked away.

With this in mind it is easy to see that with a couple of repetitions your pet can learn something fairly quickly.

You will also need to praise him in a higher than normal voice, (falsetto).

I have watched a class of a dozen six foot plus military policemen praising their dogs in raised falsetto voices, amusing to see but it works.

Your pet wants to please you and by praising him in this way it is easy for him to see he has done this.

If he does something bad a loud “NO” will do the trick and he will try to avoid doing the same thing again.

DON’T hit your Pomeranian with your hand or with anything else for that matter, a rolled up newspaper banged on the table or bench will show your disapproval and you can throw it to make a noise to dissuade him from something he is doing.

(written by Mark Teeboon) Article to be continued.

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