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Best Brush for Pomeranian and Pomeranian Grooming Tools

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Pomeranian Grooming Tools Should Include:

  •  Best Slicker Brush for Pomeranian
  •  Pin Hair Brush for Pomeranian
  •  Xylan coated Metal Comb for Pomeranian
  •  Coat Conditioner Spray
  •  Nail trimmer or a small grinder
  • Eye wipes

Grooming Tools for Pomeranians. How to Brush a Pomeranian’s Coat

Details of the best Pomeranian grooming tools are provided below:

Best Brush for a Pomeranian

Pomeranian Combs, Pomeranian brushes and other Pomeranian grooming tools recommended here are the actual equipment used to groom the Dochlaggie champion Pomeranians.

Utilizing proper Pomeranian grooming tools and Pomeranian brushes will certainly make it possible for you to easily and quickly perform the task of Pomeranian grooming.

Grooming is incredibly important for all dogs, especially breeds such as the Pomeranian. Finding the ideal Pomeranian comb and best brush for Pomeranian coat is the vital first step in this process.

Best Brush for Pomeranian Puppy?

There is no need to purchase a different Pomeranian grooming kit for Pom pups. I use the same Pomeranian grooming supplies on the Dochlaggie Pomeranian puppies as the adult Poms. 

What Type of Brush Should Be Used on a Pomeranian?

Details of the best dog brush for Pomeranians. Combs and brushes come in numerous sizes and shapes, but there are just three main types of brushes.

Best Bristle Pomeranian Dog Brush

All dog coats will benefit from being brushed with a bristle brush. They vary according to bristle length and space between them. The longer the hair, the longer and more widely spaced the bristles need to be. Stiffer bristles can be used for coarse hair and for longer hair use a brush with stiffer bristles.

Chris Christensen Soft Tufted Boar Brush

The Chris Christensen Soft Tufted Boar Brush with soft bristles is the perfect first Pomeranian hair brush for Pomeranian puppies. It’s an ideal finishing brush for show Pomeranians and for use on any sensitive areas. Click on this link to learn more about this product on Amazon.

Best Slicker Pomeranian Hair Brush

Brushing Pomeranian with a Slicker Brush
Brushing Pomeranian with a Slicker Brush

The correct use of a slicker brush for Pomeranians is a must for all serious Pom dog grooming.

What is a Slicker Brush Used For?

The fine wire bristles on these Slicker brushes are used to eliminate tangles and mats, while keeping the dog’s hair looking as good as possible. A large soft slicker brush is the best for Pomeranians.

Remember best results are obtained when using a slicker brush by only flicking with the corners of your slicker brush. 

For more details on the correct use of a slicker refer to our Pomeranian Grooming eBook.

Doggyman Slicker Brush Small White
The Doggyman Slicker Brush Small White is a great choice for those on a budget but need a range of grooming tools to keep their Pom healthy and looking good. It’s a gentle, soft brush that’s effective at stopping mats from forming and removal of dead hair.

It’s useful for brushing through your Pomeranian’s undercoat and it’s also ideal for all long-haired dogs. I use this slicker here at Dochlaggie Pomeranians nearly every day. Click on this link to learn more about this product on Amazon.

Millers Forge Elan Pet Slicker Brush
This is another budget option for Pomeranian grooming. The Millers Forge Elan Pet Slicker Brush is extremely popular, economical and is a perfect choice as the number two contender for Pomeranians. It has a good look, feels great when holding it and, last but not least, it’s efficient for brushing the hair on all my Pomeranians. Click on this link to learn more about this product on Amazon.

Chris Christensen Mark V Triangle Slicker Brush

I am a huge fan of all Chris Christensen dog grooming brushes. This super soft triangle-shaped slicker brush is perfect for small difficult areas, like behind the ears, and the elbow area, etc. It’s also perfect for tiny Pomeranian puppies. It comes with a contoured handle which assists you when changing directions and styles. Click on this link to learn more about this product on Amazon.

Chris Christensen Long Pin Coral Slicker Brush, Large 
A really good reason why you should buy the Chris Christensen coral slicker brush is because it helps to remove all loose hair and simultaneously gets rid of dander, knots, tangles and any dirt that becomes trapped.

This brush is very gentle on both the skin and hair of your Pomeranian because of its high bristle density. This doesn’t scratch your Pom’s skin while penetrating deep into his coat. It’s all useful for improving his blood circulation and maintains a shiny, soft coat.

It’s suitable for most Pomeranians and easy to work it through dense coats all the way down to the roots. When your Pom is shedding his coat, this is the number one choice when it comes to slicker brushes. It gets rid of all his dead, thick undercoat. Click on this link to learn more about this product on Amazon.

Mark VII Curved Back Large Slicker Brush by Chris Christensen

When buying supplies to fill your grooming kit, this is brilliant Pomeranian grooming tool. It aids in the removal of tangles and mats. It also helps you comb right through his undercoat and does an excellent job on long-haired dogs.

Another reason why you should buy this particular brush is the ergonomic, and durable, design. You’ll easily get rid of mats, debris and dead hair from the coats of your Pomeranians and for most other breeds as well.

The bristles have been specially designed to get into deep coats, ideal for Pomeranians because they don’t scratch the skin at all. This brush would be a serious contender for the best Pomeranian brush and most owners would love it. Click on this link to learn more about this product on Amazon.

Best Wire Pin Pomeranian Brush

Line Brushing Pomeranian Dog
Line Brushing Pomeranian Dog

Wire pin brushes without the rubber-tipped ends are the best brush for Pomeranian undercoat. Avoid using the rubber tipped pin brushes on your Pom, as the rubber tips can damage the coat.

Some owners have mentioned their Pom may not like being brushed with a pin brush minus rubber tips. If this is the case, adjust your brushing technique and purchase a dog brush that doesn’t hurt.  This is a quality brush with polished pins. The best brush for Pomeranian coat is not an inferior product with rough and sharp pins.

Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush

One of my preferred brushes for the Dochlaggie Pomeranian champions is the Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush. It’s a terrific brush that you would certainly describe as classy. It’s a classic brush and absolutely shows off a refined style. While there are many contenders of the best brush for Pomeranian dogs, this Pomeranian hair brush is different enough to be among the best dog brush for Pomeranians.

One of the best aspects of the Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush is its ground, polished tips with high-quality stainless-steel pins. What this means for your Pomeranian is that they’ll experience one of the smoothest brushes available on the market.

This Pomeranian hair brush is also made of lightweight beach wood with a handle that’s simple to hold, and is durable and firm. As a matter of fact, this brush is made 100% in Germany, which we all know has amazingly high-quality products.

The Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush is available in the 27mm pin length and a brush with shorter 20 mm length pins. Both of these brushes are suitable for Pomeranians. I constantly use both, depending on my Pom’s coat length. Click on this link to learn more about this product on Amazon.

Best Comb for Pomeranian 

Combs that have wide teeth are great to remove the loose hair from brushes and are also good for those finishing touches on your Pom. A Pomeranian comb with very fine teeth can help to shape the hair on your Pomeranian’s face and clean any debris away from the eye area.

Use a Xylan coated Metal Comb ( if a Xylan coated Metal Comb is unavailable purchase a large wide toothed comb with rounded tooth ends) on the Pomeranian’s body fur.

When you comb and brush your Pom, always do it gently and take all the time necessary. Extra care is required when eliminating tangles and mats.

Your Pomeranian should enjoy the gentle strokes on his skin when you do your brushing. However, it’s easy to make your dog dislike brushing by pulling at hair tangles and taking ages to remove them.

Win your Pom’s confidence by brushing his coat every day as this helps prevent tangles from forming and, if he does get any, the tangles and mats will be small and are removed easily, and without a struggle.

Paws Pamper Professional Anti-Corrosion Grooming Comb for Dogs & Cats, Tapered Stainless Steel Pins

All of my Poms really love this comb. First, I use a slicker brush to brush though the coat, then the pin brush and lastly a comb is used to comb through the Pomeranian’s coat. It’s an excellent comb for getting down deep into my Poms’ undercoat. Its teeth are well rounded at the ends and it’s a sturdy tool.

I like its versatility; the teeth are wider at one end and closer together at the other end. This latter end is two inches and is handy for removing all those mats of fur that may be in the undercoat. Used with care, this comb doesn’t pull, meaning there’s no discomfort for the dog. Click on this link to learn more about this product on Amazon.

Professional Anti-Static Dog Grooming Combs Xylan Coated Wear Resistant Tools (10″ Finishing)

This is the perfect finishing comb. It easily glides through the coat and doesn’t hurt.

It’s made of metal and has a coating of Xylan to reduce friction, stop static, assist in preventing fly-away hair, and also increases its resistance to normal wear and tear and chemicals. Teeth get drilled into its spines to improve durability and increase strength. Now you’re able to stop fly-away hair with this high quality anti-static grooming comb. Click on this link to learn more about this product on Amazon.

Top 10 Pomeranian Grooming Tools

Best Grooming Tools, Combs and Brushes for your Pomeranian
Top 10 Pomeranian Grooming Tools

Recommended Best Shampoo for Pomeranian and Conditioner for Pomeranian Dogs

I use the following shampoo and conditioner on the Dochlaggie Champion Poms:

Grinding Pomeranian nails short with a grinder
Grinding Pomeranian nails short with a grinder

Trim your Pomeranians Toenails

Electric Grinder:  

I personally use a nail grinder to maintain short Pomeranian toenails.

A word of caution: Great care is necessary to prevent any Pomeranian fur being grabbed by the grinder.

Wrapping your Pomeranian in a towel, whilst using a toe nail grinder is an excellent idea.

The Dochlaggie Pomeranians prefer a grinder to toenail clippers and will sit on my lap, happily while their nails are done. Details of nail grinders for pets can found at this link.

Click here for complete details on how to trim your Pomeranian’s toenails.

Other Dog Grooming Products to Help Maintain a Healthy Pomeranian Coat :

Pomeranian Grooming Scissors

Eye Wipes for Pomeranians

Furminator for Pomeranian

I don’t recommend the use of a furminator for Pomeranian. If you perform Pomeranian grooming on a regular basis you wont need this grooming tool.

Click here for complete details on dealing with Pomeranian tear stains.

For more about the best grooming tools for Pomeranians, Pomeranian grooming tips, learn how to brush a Pomeranian’s coat,  how to brush Pomeranian fur and Pomeranian brushing tips purchase the Pomeranian Grooming Guide

Denise Leo Grooming Pomeranian
Denise Leo Grooming Pomeranian
Pomeranian Grooming Tools
Pomeranian Grooming Tools

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