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Can Pomeranians Swim? Learn the Facts

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Last Updated on 25/04/2024 by Dochlaggie. Post first published on August 19, 2021.

Do you want your Pomeranian to accompany you to swimming and water activities? 

Having a Pomeranian is one of the most adorable experiences of your lifetime. When it comes to swimming, Poms do have the ability to swim short distances.

Pomeranians technically can swim but they aren’t very good at it.

Swimming is also one of the best exercises for any dog. It is a low-impact activity that burns energy fast and helps to strengthen and tone muscles. It also strengthens your Pomeranian’s heart and lungs and increases metabolism.

Are Pomeranians Good Swimmers?

Unlike dog breeds who are good at swimming, Pomeranians are not great swimmers. Yes, they can swim. However, they lack the stamina to swim long distances. 

Pomeranians have the instinct to swim but do not have enough strength needed to swim a lot. However, Poms can learn to swim well with appropriate training and supervision. Still, they will not become very strong swimmers.

If your Pomeranian has never indulged in swimming, it’s okay to be encouraged to try it out. With the right swimming techniques, that is.

Knowing if your Pomeranian can or cannot swim can help keep them safe and alive. Regardless of your confidence in their swimming skills, never let your Pom swim alone.

Can Pomeranians Swim
Can Pomeranians Swim?

Do Pomeranian Like to Swim?

Pomeranians are playful, intelligent, and courageous dogs. Just like us, each dog has its own personality. The Pomeranian is a toy dog breed who usually does not enjoy swimming and is not fond of getting wet. 

When it comes to bath time, they may show some resistance. They have so much fur that will take time to dry naturally. This small dog tends to get frightened or nervous when in open water. Thus, it’s making its overall water experience unpleasant. Still, many Poms love to play in the water or a dog pool.  

When you bring your Pomeranian into the water, you must supervise them the entire time they are in the water. The reason is that they are small dogs and can tire quickly.

How Do You Teach Your Pomeranian to Swim? 

Teaching your Pomeranian how to swim can be a lot of fun. It’s better to start introducing your Pomeranian to the water at a young age. When Poms are young, they are usually bursting with curiosity and excitement.

To teach your Pomeranian how to swim, here’s what you can do:

  • Start with a small amount of water in a shallow backyard pool.
  • Be patient and never rush. Let your Pomeranian dip their paws in the water and get comfortable. The goal here is to make your Pom comfortable in the water.
  • Get in the water with your Pomeranian and swim alongside.
  • As your Pomeranian becomes comfortable with the water, try some pool that is a little deeper.
  • Lift your Pomeranian’s tummy while they swim to help them float.
  • Take breaks and never overdo it. Keep swimming sessions short for your dog. Allow your Pomeranian to swim for a couple of minutes and let them out.
  • It is important to teach your Pomeranian how to get out of the pool. Practice exiting the water a few times to show them the way out. Always prepare your Pom for an exit ramp to get out of the water. Also, your Pomeranian must learn how to use it.
  • Keep the experience positive so that your Pomeranian does not become afraid of water.
Can Pomeranians Swim
Can Pomeranians Swim

Prepare Necessary Stuff

When training Pomeranian puppies to swim, bring with you some familiar gear, a ball, or toys to soothe them. Since you will be the one to train your Pomeranian, make sure also to pack up your swimming gear.

Bring a life jacket for your Pom. If you notice that your Pomeranian is immensely struggling, its life jacket will help them head above water.

Never force your Pomeranian into the water. It can be more harmful to their temperament and confidence and it may put them off swimming altogether.

Pet parent tip: Don’t let your Pomeranian swim right after having its meal. If your Pom swims on a full stomach, it may cause bloating. Give some time to your Pomeranian to digest its meal before swimming.

Water Safety Tips for your Pomeranian 

There are certain steps that you can take to keep your Pomeranian safe in and around any body of water.

  • Life jacket

It’s worth investing in a good quality dog life jacket. You must ensure that your Pom has a swim vest for safety. This will help your Pomeranian stay afloat if it accidentally ends up in the water and can’t swim. Get a life vest with a comfortable style for your dog to wear.

  • Watch closely

Stay very close to your Pomeranian and watch them closely to avoid accidents. It would be a great idea to swim alongside your Pomeranian in the water.

Monitor your Pomeranian for symptoms of heatstroke. Sometimes Poms may enjoy too much to the point that they may get overly exhausted, especially under the sun’s heat. Remember that Poms are prone to overheating.

  • Provide fresh drinking water

Don’t let your Pomeranian drink pool, pond, sea, or lake water. They can get sick. To minimize your Pomeranian’s risk of drinking unsafe water, hydrate them first before going swimming. Always bring along fresh water for your Poms to keep them hydrated and cool.

  • Choose a safe and perfect area to swim

If this is your Pomeranian’s first time to swim, it would be ideal for dipping them in a pool, calm lake, or a quiet pond. You may also opt to bring your Pom to a place surrounded by people because they might enjoy the company.

Bringing your Pom on a wide-open sea is not a good idea. Don’t let your Pomeranian swim in a river or ocean with currents. These waves and currents are dangerous for your little Pom. But, if you insist on bringing them to the river or ocean, then be extra careful.

  • Take breaks

You should know your Pomeranian’s limitations and notice signs of fatigue so that you can immediately rescue them. Swimming is a great exercise but it is tiring for your Pomeranian. Always take breaks to preserve their energy and to keep them safe.

  • Check water quality and temperature:

Check the water’s temperature if it is too hot or too cold for your Pomeranian to endure. If your Pom is swimming on a lake, be keen to see algae blooms. There are some forms of algae that are toxic to dogs.

If your pool is chlorinated, it is recommended to rinse them off after swimming in a pool. Chlorine is a chemical that shouldn’t stay on your Pomeranian’s skin. It can be very drying to your Pom’s skin and coat.

  • A protective fence around the pool:

No matter what, never leave your Pomeranian unattended around a pool. You may use a barrier or protective fence around the pool to keep your Pom and other dogs safe from possible falling accidents. 

There are times where Poms may suddenly fall because of something that caught the dog’s attention. A barrier or protective fence is a great way to keep your Pom away from the dangerous water.

Can Pomeranians Swim
Can Pomeranians Swim

What Breed of Dog Can’t Swim? 

The belief that ‘all dogs can swim’ is not correct. Though all dogs can paddle in the water, certain breeds can not swim well at all. These dogs prefer to stay on land. 

The reason for being bad swimmers is their anatomy, thick coat and facial structure. This doesn’t mean that you can’t teach them how to swim.

Dog breeds who find swimming difficult include the following:

  • Dogs with large and heavy chests in relation to their hindquarters
  • Dogs that have short legs in proportion to their bodies
  • Dogs with heavy heads
  • Dogs with short muzzles

Here are few dog breeds that are not good candidates for swimming or they struggle hard to swim:

A dog’s temperament and personality is also an important factor in its ability to swim. Some dogs don’t even like to go out on a rainy day. 

Pet owners can still enjoy water fun with a land-loving dog. These breeds would rather sunbathe than swim. 

Final Thoughts

Like most dogs, many Pomeranians can swim, though they might need a little support to learn swimming. 

Keep in mind that all dogs must always wear a lifejacket during swimming. Pomeranians should be removed from the water if they become exhausted. Just go slow, control the environment, and make it a positive experience!

If your Pom puppy is unable to accompany you in swimming pools, you can go for other activities with your furry friend. For a cool binding time, there are a variety of land activities. You can enjoy a short walk with your Pom, fetch games, and anything that keeps them on the go.

Does your dog love to swim? Share your experience with us. We would be happy to hear from you!

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Can Pomeranians Swim
Can Pomeranians Swim?



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