Correct Bed for your Pomeranian

pomeranians in their bed

For most pet owners, sharing your bed with your Pomeranian is second nature, you have no problems and you both love it. However, there are reasons why your Pom should have a bed in which he can sleep. If your Pom always sleeps in your bed, he’s more likely to face hurdles when he’s left … Read more…

Caring for your Pom During Winter

white pomeranian

If you live somewhere that has very cold weather at times, you must learn how best to protect your pet Pomeranian against the harsh climate. The Winter weather can bring icy cold temperatures, snow and icy rain and the air is often much drier. Your Pom’s paws, skin and coat can be adversely affected, he … Read more…

Summer Pomeranian Care

pomeranian summer care

If the place in which you live experiences hot Summer months or maybe you have hot weather all the time, you’ll need to know about extra steps necessary to care for your Pomeranian during these warm times. Your Pom’s inside area. Most owners use fans and/or air conditioning to stay cool in Summer and so … Read more…

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