Summer Pomeranian Care

pomeranian summer care

If the place in which you live experiences hot Summer months or maybe you have hot weather all the time, you’ll need to know about extra steps necessary to care for your Pomeranian during these warm times. Your Pom’s inside area. Most owners use fans and/or air conditioning to stay cool in Summer and so … Read more…

Playpens versus Crates

playpen for pomeranians

If you had to choose ONE product that would give your Pomeranian more happiness than you could have thought possible, it’s the humble playpen. A great playpen with the right set-up can affect your Pom’s daily life in a variety of ways so let’s have a look at the reasons for this. Playpens vs Crates. … Read more…

A New Baby And Your Pomeranian

toddler and pomeranian puppy

Your Pomeranian may be accustomed to being the “baby” of your family. Then you discover you’re about to have a human baby and some big things will need to change. However, if you put some training options in place (both before and after baby has arrived), your household can continue to run quite smoothly. If … Read more…

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