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Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Pomeranians

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Benefits of Coconut Oil for Pomeranians

Ensure your dog is a healthy Pomeranian by the addition of Coconut Oil to his diet. Regular external applications will ensure Pomeranian skin and fur health.

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, a long-chain, medium-length lipid (or fatty acid) that, on its own, comprises approx. half of the total fatty acids within the coconut oil.

Help your Pomeranian Maintain a Healthy Weight with Coconut Oil

Is Your Pomeranian Overweight?

A serious complaint is that owners of Pomeranians can’t control their Pomeranian’s weight. Regardless of Pomeranian exercise. An overweight Pomeranian will benefit greatly from the addition of coconut oil to his diet.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Pomeranians
Benefits of Coconut Oil for Pomeranians

Coconut oil can boost your thyroid and it also helps your Pom in the same way. It enables him to remain at a healthy weight. Reduces the number of vet bills associated with problems, such as arthritis and joint pain, that occur with a overweight Pomeranian.

Coconut oil makes it easier for your Pom dog to properly digest the vital nutrients contained in his food.

Can I Put Coconut Oil On My Dogs Dry Skin?

Yes, this will quickly help cure most Pomeranian skin problems. This has explained how coconut oil helps your Pom’s insides. Now to look at how it helps his outsides, on his skin and fur. If his skin is dry and itchy or is hot, you can directly apply the oil and it works instantly. It can also be used on his nose and paw pads when they become dry.

When bathing a Pomeranian, add a little of the oil to ease raw skin as a result of fleas. When added to his food, his skin becomes moisturised and his coat will look a lot better.

Coconut oil applied to the hair under your Pomeranian's eyes can help prevent ugly eye stains.

Always have a jar of coconut oil at home to help keep your dog a healthy Pomeranian.

Dosage of Coconut Oil for Dogs

I recommend 1/4 of a teaspoon for every 5 lbs.

How To Add Coconut Oil to Your Pomeranian’s Diet

A big problem in winter is that your coconut oil will solidify. Just stand the jar in warm water for a few minutes and, presto, you’ll have oil again. If your Pomeranian eats kibble of any type, make this food more palatable by warming the coconut oil to a liquid. Place the kibble in a very large storage jar, pour in the coconut oil and mix thoroughly into the kibble.

It’s so easy and the kibble will be more palatable for your Pomeranian. Everything is done and you only need to feed a small amount daily for your Pom to gain many health benefits. Alternatively, the coconut oil can be mixed with a meat meal or, horrors of horrors, if you feed wet doggie food, mix the required daily amount of coconut into the wet food.

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