Stages of Pomeranian Puppy Development

Similar to the ways that humans develop, Pomeranian puppies also have a predictable pattern of steps, although there has never been any official agreement regarding the exact ages a puppy may be when each step is taken. Small dogs like Pomeranians develop quickly, many reaching maturity prior to bigger dog breeds. Although development of puppies is quite predictable, every puppy and breed are unique and differ a little at each stage of their development.

The previous rule that stated that one dog year is the same as seven years for a person is simply not true.  Smaller dogs mature earlier than big dogs and the females are often only 6-7 months of age when experiencing their first heat. Smaller dog breeds like Pomeranians should not be used for breeding under the age of 14-18 months. Numerous changes occur in a puppy’s first year of living. He starts as a relatively helpless neonate, unable to hear, see or go potty on his own. By the end of the first year, he has become fully grown, is agile and a sexually mature dog. When do these steps actually happen?

There are a total of seven acknowledged steps of the puppy’s development: Sorry the complete article is only available to our Premium members. Please join us now. Over time, their youthful exuberance will fade and (provided you did socialising and training properly), the dog will become calmer and behave more predictably with habits that stay the same.

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