pomeranian puppy

Feeding a Pomeranian Puppy

pomeranian puppyThink about the amount of energy a Pomeranian puppy uses in relation to its tiny size and ability to quickly utilise the food eaten. A small puppy will need to produce plenty of energy to run around and play. Enough nutrients must be also supplied in the diet to provide for growth. He must be fed a quality diet or his health and growth will suffer.

The correct way to feed a Pomeranian Baby is to feed him a small amount of quality food often.

The important words in relation to your Pomeranian Puppy’s food are QUALITY, LITTLE and OFTEN. Sorry the complete article is only available to our Premium members. Please join us now.
Treats: Read the section on safe treats for your Pomeranian.

Recommended quality puppy foods suitable for Pomeranians

Supplements:  Avoid giving a Pomeranian puppy any supplements, instead increase the amount of calcium in his diet the safe way by feeding lots of dairy products.
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