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    Regardless of whether a puppy does it softly or firmly, or if it breaks the skin, when he nips at you, it’s very annoying. It’s a habit you can’t ignore or he’ll just persist. This is a bad habit that must be broken.
    Puppies often start nipping as very young pups, while playing with others in the litter. If the nip is too hard, there will usually be a little yelp by the one that got nipped. If it was a strong nip, the victim will ignore the bad puppy for a while and the dam may also do the same.
    Puppies know (from the time they’re born) that they live together in a pack. Their first pack is their mother and their siblings. So, if the pack ignores his nipping, he’ll quickly learn that it’s a bad habit. He doesn’t want to be excluded from his pack.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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