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Pomeranian Trimming Guide. How to Trim a Pomeranian

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How do you cut a Pomeranian's hair? Trimming a Pomeranian dog for show purposes takes time and a great deal of practice. Pomeranian trimming is explained here with a short Pomeranian grooming video.

How to Groom a Pomeranian for Show

Pomeranian owners wishing to learn how to trim a Pomeranian at home will benefit from my many decades spent grooming Pomeranian hair. Most Pom owners want to learn how to trim a Pomeranian with scissors correctly.

Trimming is done firstly for neatness and, in the show ring, to enhance a Pomeranian’s attributes and to minimize any faults.

Great care must be taken when trimming any of the sables for the show ring. So much beauty can easily be lost if the color in the coat tips is heavily trimmed.

Prior to commencing a full show trim, watch your Pomeranian running around and observe his faults and attributes. Think of ways to make the faults less obvious and, most importantly, ways to make the most of his attributes. Only trim a little at a time.

Pomeranian Trimming
Pomeranian Trimming

Put your Pomeranian down on the floor and again watch him as he runs around. Checking the areas where more or less hair would be an advantage.

There isn’t a trimmed Pomeranian chart. They shouldn’t be trimmed the same way as a Poodle.

Show Pomeranian Scissor Cut Details

Pomeranian Scissor Cut For Ears

The objective is to make the ears look tiny. Position the ear leather between your finger and thumb. Find the end of the ear leather with your fingertips. Use your fingers to protect the ear leather. Brush the entire coat on the front and back of the ears upwards and trim this hair to the tips of the ears.

Pomeranian Scissor Cut For Ears
Pomeranian Scissor Cut For Ears
Geib Shears

Always keep the length of the inside cuts shorter than the outside cuts. Try not to make the cuts to the tips of the ears too long. Trimming an excessive amount of hair from the ears will merely create the illusion of a Pomeranian with very large ears.

Trimming a Pomeranian Dog - Feet

Properly trimmed, the Pomeranian's ears and ruff will present the image of tiny ears poking out from a halo of hair encircling the head.

Toenails need to be trimmed short before you start trimming the feet. Begin trimming excess hair from between the pads. Show Pomeranians should display cleanly trimmed feet and pads when moving away from the Judge.

Pomeranian Scissor Cut Feet
Pomeranian Scissor Cut Feet

Place the Pom on his back. Then, using small straight scissors, trim the hair between the pads and just the underside of the foot.

Stand the Pom again and, using small straight scissors, trim around the dog’s feet, removing any hair protruding beyond his toes. Trim the hair shorter near the toenail, leaving the hair longer near the top of the foot. Blend this hair directly into the lower-leg coat. It can be neatened with thinning shears.

 Pomeranian Trimming - Legs

Commencing with the front legs, use an imaginary line straight down each side of the Pom as a guide. Using straight scissors, trim any excess hair sticking out from this line. Then switch to the side and brush the hair upwards with the slicker. Again, trim away excess hair.

You’re striving for straight legs with the appearance of no toes. Excessive hair on the front of the legs, in the knee region, should be trimmed; otherwise, your Pomeranian may possibly appear to have "knobby knees."

Trim the hair on the back of the hocks. Place the Pom on the table and the front of the back legs
are trimmed in a similar manner to the front legs.

Trimming the Pomeranian's Tail

Commence tail trimming by finding the base of the tail with your thumb. When trimming the tail area, be aware that no amount of trimming will disguise a poor tail set. In fact, too much trimming a Pomeranian tail can make a poor tail set look lower than it actually is.

Pomeranian Trimming The Tail" data-pin-title="Pomeranian Trimming The Tail" src="" alt="Pomeranian Trimming The Tail" class="wp-image-1017674"/>
Pomeranian Trimming The Tail

Sanitary Trim Pomeranian Style

Hair should be trimmed around the anus in a circle shape.

How to Trim a Pomeranian's Hair - Body

Trimming Pomeranian Body Coat
Trimming Pomeranian Body Coat

Trimming any untidy hairs on the body of your Pomeranian Retain the required outline foremost in your thoughts. Use the tips of the ears as your guide to the height of the ruff. Trim the top of the ruff level with the ear tips with thinning shears.

Brush hair downwards and raise a layer at a time with your pin brush, then trim any straggly hairs in a semi-circle with your thinning shears. Repeat layer by layer. Brush the hair outwards and into ridges on the sides of his body.

Trim any excess along each side of the body, using either thinning or straight shears. Laying your Pomeranian on his back, the underneath can also be trimmed in a similar manner.

Always be working towards your goal of a circle effect. During trimming, take a short break and have someone move the Pomeranian so you can evaluate what’s required to keep the desired shape. 

Pomeranian Grooming

How to brush Pomeranian fur. Best Pomeranian grooming tools.

Complete show Pomeranian grooming information is the subject of a book dedicated to the subject. Please refer to the Pomeranian grooming eBook.

Pomeranian Trimming Conclusion

I am hoping this article has given you enough information on how to cut a Pomeranian's hair. For full Pomeranian grooming advice and tips obtain a copy of my Pomeranian grooming book. Good luck.

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How to Trim a Pomeranian
How to Trim a Pomeranian