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Puppy Purchase Guide

Looking for a Pom Puppy?

buying a pomeranian puppyIt is vital to acquire a puppy from a registered SHOW breeder and not via an individual who has invested no thought or planning into a breeding program whatsoever.

Prospective Pomeranian owners should understand the huge difference in the quality between puppies produced by a dedicated SHOW breeder and other sources.

The reason I place emphasis on the word SHOW? Anyone can easily join the kennel club and become a registered breeder. Would-be Pomeranian owners need to recognise and understand the real difference between Show breeders and backyarders.

A registered SHOW breeder will devote many hours planning a litter with dogs that are true to the Pomeranian Breed Standard, have been proven in the show ring and health tested. The objective of SHOW breeders is to contribute to the advancement of the breed by producing Pomeranians who are healthy in mind and body and are close as possible to the Breed Standard.

In the event you purchase via a back yard breeder (registered or otherwise), you may have little idea of the future. The cute puppy you purchased at 8 weeks most likely will not resemble a Show type Pomeranian at all.

Without proving breeding Pomeranians in the show ring, breed type is quickly lost. 100 years ago, Pomeranian’s weighed around 20 kilos and looked much like a dog now called the German Spitz. These dogs had longer backs, flat open coats, lowset curled tails, long noses, and bigger ears.

If you purchase a puppy originating from a NON SHOW POMERANIAN BREEDER your pup will in all probability, as an adult look considerably more like a German Spitz than the true to standard Pomeranian.

You are purchasing a Pomeranian and you have every right to expect your puppy to look true to breed standard at maturity. The purchase price of a Pomeranian is a minimal investment, compared to the emotional investment, or the vet bills, if you are unfortunate to purchase a poor quality or sickly dog from an unregistered breeder, registered backyarder or a pet shop puppy.

In the event that pricing is a significant concern delay the purchase or consider the option of adopting from a shelter. Pet Shelters frequently come to the rescue of Pomeranians bred by backyarder breeders.

These unfortunate little dogs are usually rejected because of behavioural problems, health issues or just the sad fact the dream puppy did not turn out small and cute like Boo. Registered Pomeranians bred by a SHOW breeder are rarely surrendered to an animal shelter.

Registered Pomeranian breeders

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