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Open Fontanel & Pomeranians

NEW POM PUPSAt birth, People and dogs both have a small hole in their skull. This is called an “open fontanel” or commonly referred to as a soft spot. This soft spot in the skull usually closes.

To understand this better, you need to know these facts. The skull of a dog is made up of a couple of plate-like bones. They start separated, small and soft and allow enough flexibility to get the head right through the birth canal.

As the puppy starts to grow, these plates grow around his brain and start to harden. When they meet, they become fused. Four bones meet at the top centre part of his skull, Sorry the complete article is only available to our Premium members. Please join us now.
Every life is precious.

If your puppy has an open fontanel, you need to treat it seriously. Even though he may lead a long, healthy life, it’s best to get an early diagnosis and learn how to protect him as much as possible. If hydrocephalus is also a diagnosis, then you need to catch that early and get your puppy treated to see if his life can be extended safely or not.

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