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How to Bathe a Pomeranian – Essential Tips for Owners

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Bathing your Pomeranian can be a challenging task. When bathing Pomeranian puppies, they are small dogs with large amounts of fur that require special attention.

This article will show you how to bathe a Pomeranian so you can have a happy pup and maintain its coat for the coming months.

When playing or petting your Pomeranian puppy, do you sometimes notice a rather unpleasant odor? If so, then it’s time to give him a Pomeranian bath. However, you might have overlooked whether he’s old enough to be bathed.

How Often to Bathe a Pomeranian Puppy?

How to Bathe a Pomeranian
How to Bathe a Pomeranian

The general rule is that a puppy shouldn’t be bathed if he’s under eight weeks old. The reason is that he’s unable to regulate his temperature properly and could catch a cold.

After he hits the eight-week mark, on average, Pomeranian bath frequency is once every month.

If you want to know how to bathe a Pomeranian puppy at home and how often it’s recommended, keep reading, and all your puppy bathing questions will be answered.

How To Bathe a Pomeranian Puppy

The positive fact is that bathing a Pomeranian puppy is much easier than washing a kitten. However, once your puppy is wet, it’s only a little easier to keep him in the tub than any cat. I’ll give you the best Pomeranian bathing tips and explain the Pomeranian bathing process in detail.

Choose a Location

Before bathing a Pomeranian puppy, select the best place to do it. The kitchen or bathroom sink is the most popular choice.

Because a Pom is so small, filling a whole bath isn’t worthwhile. You won’t want to chase your wet pom around the bath, and bending over the bathtub can be tiring.

Get Out All Your Pomeranian Bath Supplies

Before turning on any taps, you must get out everything needed to wash a Pomeranian puppy. You need the right Pomeranian shampoo and conditioner, as some won’t do a good job, and certain products could cause damage to your Pom’s skin and fur.

Pomeranians are known for their dry skin, so you need to use a shampoo that nourishes and moisturizes the skin. I recommend conditioners and dog shampoos that contain healthy ingredients such as aloe vera and oatmeal. If possible, never use shampoos with human or artificial ingredients.

Brushing Your Pomeranian Puppy

Brushing your Pomeranian puppy’s coat thoroughly before you put him in the water is essential. His coat will often tangle and mat and once his coat is saturated, it’s virtually impossible to get his hair untangled again. Brushing is also good for improving the blood flow to his hair follicles and removing dead hair.

Preparing His Bath

Before filling the sink with enough water, it’s a wise idea to put a rubber mat on the bottom of the sink. That will stop your puppy from slipping. Also, place a filter in the drain to prevent dog hair from clogging it.       

Fill the sink with enough water to touch your Pomeranian puppy’s elbows. The water needs to be warm, not hot. Use your elbow to test it and adjust the warmth if needed. Put the towels, conditioner, and dog shampoo near the sink so it’s easy to grab them when needed.

Bathing a Pomeranian Puppy

Don’t call your puppy right before you want to wash him. Pick him up and wet his feet first. Then gently place him in the water while talking in a soothing voice.

Lift him up and softly wet his paws. Then slowly ease him into the water.

How to Bathe a Pomeranian
How to Bathe a Pomeranian

Next is to wash his face and carefully his ears. Clean your Pomeranian puppy’s face with a sponge or washcloth.

Squeeze some of the shampoo and rub it into your Pomeranian’s coat, beginning at his neck, and slowly and thoroughly work your way down. I dilute the shampoo with warm water before bathing a Pomeranian puppy.

Then you need to rinse the Pomeranian dog shampoo off him completely. Then it’s time to put the conditioner on him and gently wash him to get rid of it.                                                        

Lift your Pomeranian out of the water and wrap him in a soft, clean towel. He will shake all the water off, so be ready to get wet.

Caring for Your Puppy After Pomeranian Bath Time

After taking your Pom pup out of the sink, here are several tasks:

The number one task is to dry your puppy properly. If you don’t dry him sufficiently, he can catch a cold, or skin irritation may develop.

You may choose to dry your puppy with a towel, but it will take a long time to ensure his coat is 100% dry. So, it’s better to pat him as dry as you can, and then you can use a blow dryer for the final drying effort.

You don’t need the added expense of a dog dryer if you have a human one. However, you must be careful if you use a human dryer and don’t turn it off from the top setting. Gradually lower the temperature and ensure you keep it as far as possible from your Pomeranian puppy so you don’t burn him accidentally.

How to Bathe a Pomeranian
How to Bathe a Pomeranian

Apart from ensuring your Pom is dry, you also need to look after his ears. If any moisture is left, it can cause an infection. Inspect his ears and use a special ear cleaner to help remove all debris and dirt. Then thoroughly clean his ears with cotton wool.

Some owners of Pomeranians like putting cotton balls in the ears of their dogs prior to washing them. However, it’s unnecessary if you don’t wet his ears and clean and dry them properly after you’re done.

If you observe your Pom pup shaking his head or scratching his ears a lot, it may be because you haven’t dried all the wetness from his ears.

If you notice an odor or redness, your puppy likely has a yeast or bacterial infection. Don’t attempt to fix the problem yourself. You would be much wiser to take him to the vet.

After a bath, a Pomeranian puppy would normally tremble and shake for a little while. The very first bath is an extremely stressful experience for nearly all puppies. If your Pomeranian won’t stop shaking, it’s essential that you speak to the vet for advice.

How to Bathe a Pomeranian
How to Bathe a Pomeranian

How Do You Wash a Very Young Pomeranian Puppy?

As I previously mentioned, the age of your puppy will govern when he should be bathed. However, even if he’s less than two months old, there might be times when he desperately needs a wash.

One example is when he’s being weaned. Pom puppies generally get food all over their coat and face. You shouldn’t leave it until it dries, or it may irritate their skin.

Sometimes, your Pom puppy gets something hazardous on his coat. Puppies have an innate curiosity and get into all sorts of mischief. In such scenarios, you must give your Pomeranian puppy a good wash as a matter of urgency, ensuring you’re extra gentle if it’s only his first wash.

A full bath is too big for one small puppy because they don’t yet have the ability to control and regulate their body temperature properly. That’s why all the puppies snuggle up with their mother and each other as much as possible.

The best alternative is to wipe your Pom puppy with a wet washcloth until you have achieved your goal of cleaning his coat. Ensure the cloth is soaked in lukewarm water and thoroughly dried at the end.

Wet wipes are also useful because they’re easy to carry when you’re not at home, and they help keep your pet Pom clean and presentable at all times. Always choose wipes that don’t have alcohol or fragrances and are pet-friendly.

How to Bathe a Pomeranian
How to Bathe a Pomeranian

How Many Times Per Month Can You Wash a Pomeranian Puppy?

How often you need to wash your dog will depend largely on his skin type. Dog breeds with oily coats need a bath more often to control how they smell and get rid of that oily residue.

The skin of Pomeranian puppies is dry. Because of this, they don’t need to be bathed often. They do need grooming products suitable for dogs that do have dry skin.

If you wash your Pomeranian puppy too often, the body’s natural oils will get stripped from its coat, making it much drier and increasing the chances of it flaking.

Specialists usually suggest bathing a Pomeranian puppy at least once per month. However, if your dog isn’t dirty, you can get away with washing him for 2-3 months during winter.

During the period of the puppy uglies (when the coats of Pomeranian puppies change), you may consider washing your puppy every three weeks. The reason is that your puppy will be shedding his hair like crazy, and when you wash him, you open his hair follicles and use a dog dryer to remove dead fur.

How to Bathe a Pomeranian Closing Thoughts

I hope this article has been useful in teaching you how to bathe a Pomeranian, and I urge you to contact me if you have other questions. Also, check back at Pomeranian Headquarters for more grooming articles about your favorite dog breed.

Pomeranians are among a few breeds that are exceptionally clean, but they still need baths sometimes to keep their majestic coats in perfect condition. That’s why you must understand how to do it and how often you must ensure your Pomeranian is washed, dried, and clean whenever necessary.

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How to Bathe a Pomeranian
How to Bathe a Pomeranian


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