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Do Pomeranians Need Haircuts At The Groomers or Not?

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Do Pomeranians need professional grooming? Most proud Pomeranian dog owners opt for the services of a professional groomer instead of trying to do Pomeranian dog grooming themselves. Owners interested in learning how to groom their Pomeranian at home will benefit from Pomeranian Grooming Tips in my Pom Grooming Book.

Pomeranian Dog
Pomeranian Dog

How Often Do Pomeranians Need Haircuts?

A Pomeranian's fur is a vital part of its endearing charm, so it pays to keep up with regular grooming visits. According to Pomeranian expert Denise Leo from Dochlaggie Pomeranians in Australia, your pup should be shown some quality TLC at least every four to six weeks.

This timeline follows the cycle of hair growth while also promoting basic hygiene. Trimming fur from sanitary areas is important for cleanliness, as well as shearing pesky tangles in paw pads that can cause slipping.

Plus, if you're vigilant with baths and inspections during this time frame, it will be easier to spot any unwelcome visitors like ticks or other parasites!

That way, you can ensure their fluffy coats stay healthy and beautiful! However, you must still brush his coat a couple of times weekly.

What is the Best Pomeranian First Haircut Age?

The earlier you groom your pup, the more likely they will enjoy it! As an experienced Pomeranian breeder and exhibitor for many decades, Denise Leo recommends taking your puppy to the groomers between 12 and 16 weeks.

Many groomers offer special packages for puppies and encourage owners to bring their pets in early on. This allows them to get used to being around hair dryers, clippers, and other tools so that further sessions go smoothly.

To prepare at home, give your puppy daily brushes, regular nail trims, and tooth brushing.

Pomeranian at Groomers
Pomeranian at Groomers

How to Locate Dog Groomers Specializing in Pomeranians

Ask other local Pom owners to recommend Pomeranian groomers or refer your breeder to a good dog grooming salon. Pom owners will often ask for help locating Pomeranian grooming near me.

Dog groomers for Pomeranians will vary in price and standards. Talk to the groomer about what trim or clip they will do so there are no surprises when you collect your beloved Pom dog. If something is done wrong, the hair may not grow back again.

Breeders often receive phone calls from anxious Pom owners asking what to do if their groomer shaved their Pomeranian and will a shaved Pomeranian's hair grow back.

Dog Groomers often have apprenticed under seasoned groomers or graduated from special dog grooming schools. Some regularly attend seminars so their knowledge remains current.

Some dog groomers for Pomeranians will have a clinic, others will work from home, and some will work as a mobile service and come to you.

Before you make any appointments, request a tour of the facility if possible. They don’t need to have the flashiest business, but you do need to look out for these specifics:

  • Every dog must have a cage to keep them away from others.
  • The groomer must clean and sanitize the cages for each dog and sterilize equipment between dogs. If not, parasites and bacteria may be transferred from one animal to another.
  • Responsible groomers won’t leave a dog unsupervised in a tub, table, or cage when a dryer is on. Serious accidents may occur. If you see dogs unattended, don’t use that groomer.
  • True groomers never use sedatives during grooming sessions, but some may use a
    muzzle. They’re trained to handle all types of dogs comfortably and with safety as a
    top priority.

Address any concerns you have with the groomer at any time. If your dog can’t easily be managed, you may need a groomer who works within a vet clinic because a mild sedative can be used under proper supervision.

Pomeranian at Groomers
Pomeranian at Groomers

Professional Pomeranian Dog Grooming

Usually will not involve grooming your Pomeranian like a show dog or any fancy Pomeranian dog grooming styles. Typically the groomer will brush coats, remove mats, trim nails, bathe and dry dogs, and clean ears.

Occasionally the rectal sacs will be emptied while the dog is being washed and clean ears. An experienced groomer may notice abnormalities you may not have seen. E.g., skin disease, dental issues, ear and eye problems, an infection in the rectal sacs, or parasites. Pomeranian clipping grooming is usually included.

You can often deliver your dog to the groomers in the morning and come back after to collect him.
When you pick him up, he will look fresh and in true Pomeranian style and be proud of his freshly groomed looks.

Pomeranian at Groomers
Pomeranian at Groomers

Pomeranian Trim Styles

Owners often request Pomeranian haircuts in certain styles. These requests frequently include:

Most Pom dog owners do not realize the famous doggie Boo suffered from Pomeranian coat issues, and Boo Pomeranian grooming was a necessity, not a choice.

Before you leave your Pom dog, ensure you and the groomer have a clear idea of the grooming style your dog will receive.  A good idea is to provide the groomer with photos of what you like and exactly what you don’t want.

Like humans attending the hairdresser, some grooming styles may not be possible for your Pomeranian. Clear dialogue with your Pomeranian dog groomer will ensure you are not disappointed.

Ask if the groomer will be doing a Pomeranian scissor cut or Pomeranian clipping grooming using electric clippers. Most dog groomers know how to clip a Pomeranian dog. Groomers who know how to cut a Pomeranian hair with scissors are often hard to locate.

Too many Pom owners regularly leave their heavily coated Pom at the groomers and return to find a fully shaved Pomeranian. Don’t let this happen to your dog unless this is required or necessary.

If your Pomeranian is heavily matted, the only choice is for a groomer to shave the dog. Attempting to comb out large areas of Pomeranian matted undercoat would cause the Pomeranian too much distress.

Remind yourself that if you had done more regular grooming, you could have prevented the matted undercoat from forming. Now the only choice is to have your Pomeranian clipped and start afresh.

Pomeranian at Groomers
Pomeranian at Groomers

How Much Does It Cost To Get a Pomeranian Groomed?

Grooming your Pomeranian's thick coat is essential for keeping the fur looking shiny and healthy. You can do this yourself or consider taking it to a professional groomer, who would cost anywhere from $10-$90, depending on the services requested.

For example, if you choose an all-inclusive package that most likely includes bathing, ear cleaning, and nail trimming - costs will range between $20-$90. In contrast, other services, such as teeth brushing and anal expression, are usually around $10 each up to about $35 per service.

Pomeranian grooming price varies. Prices for groomers will differ depending on experience, location, type of service and on experience, location, type of service and type of shop.

Flashy premises will usually be more expensive than a home-based based business if your dog needs to be clipped or business.

How much to groom a Pomeranian depends on a lot of factors. If your dog needs to be clipped or is matted, the prices will usually be higher. The price for a Pomeranian scissor cut will be higher due to the required skill and time.

Pomeranian at Groomers
Pomeranian at Groomers

Do Pomeranians Need Haircuts At The Groomers' Conclusion?

In conclusion, Pomeranians can benefit from haircuts. Groomers with experience in small dog breeds are the best choice when looking for a professional groomer. Regular grooming habits are essential to keep your Pom's fur healthy and looking its best.

Going too long between haircuts can result in matted fur, so plan to visit the groomer every four to six weeks. Be sure to look for a groomer with good reviews and is known for their expertise with this breed of dog.

Regular at-home brushing and maintenance baths ensure that your beloved Pomeranian always looks luxurious and enjoys a great quality of life!

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Do Pomeranians Need Professional Grooming
Do Pomeranians Need Professional Grooming