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Pomeranian Facts Revealed

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Find interesting facts about Pomeranians. Learn about the Pomeranian dog breed from a trusted source. Learn why this astounding toy dog is one of the most loved and why Pomeranians are now in the top 30 most popular dogs in the US. Discover important Pomeranian facts and Pomeranian info.

What's a Pomeranian?

You can recognise a Pomeranian for a few distinct features. He has a fluffy, luxurious double coat, his ears prick up when he’s alert, and he has a cute foxy face.

He has a square body with a very fluffy tail that usually sits up and over his back. Around his neck appears a thick ruff of fur. There you have it; a proud Pomeranian that could easily manage life in snowy regions.

This fun-loving, inquisitive toy dog has a body that could easily sit in your purse. However, he has four legs and usually prefers to walk as much as possible.

While this breed can be described as sassy at times, Pomeranians are fiercely loyal, loving, ideal companions for lots of people seeking a dog with such qualities.

Now you have some understanding of what a Pomeranian dog is all about, it’s time to learn more about these dogs because no two dogs are like, in the same way that no two people are alike.

Interesting Facts About Pomeranians

Although Pomeranians are small, they’re significantly more than the delightful furballs they resemble. Their bright, almost twinkling, eyes are always wide open, greeting the world around them with boundless curiosity, and supreme confidence that no other creature is as charming and adorable as him.

Pomeranians have a huge personality, matched only by the size of their fur coats and their amazing self-confidence.

A Pomeranian is the smallest breed in the Spitz dog family, but they’re endowed with courage that you normally would associate with dogs of a much greater size. He is always a favourite breed, despite weighing under seven pounds.

Pomeranian Facts
Pomeranian Facts

A Pomeranian can easily be compared to a bright shining star: he’s highly intelligent, has an exceptional temperament when it comes to mixing with people and other animals, and as mentioned previously, his eyes shine like bright stars in the sky.

He loves his family and is ecstatic when it comes to lap time, but he’s always full of beans. Instead of sleeping on his favourite piece of furniture, he’s more often wondering around the home with specific goals in mind.

Quick Pomeranian Breed Info

Breed Group:In Fci countries this dog is shown in the Spitz group and in the Toy group in other countries.
Temperament:The Pomeranian is an active dog who is intelligent, courageous, and a loyal companion.
Height:8 – 11 inches (18 – 24 cms) 
Weight:3 to 7 pounds
Exercise: Low
Grooming: Moderate
Popularity:Currently ranks 23rd of 197 AKC breeds
Lifespan:12 to 16 years
Colors: Black, black & tan, blue, blue & tan, chocolate, chocolate & tan, cream, cream sable, orange, orange sable, red, red sable, parti-color, beaver, brindle, chocolate sable, white, wolf sable, and merle
Pomeranian Facts
Pomeranian Facts

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