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Pomeranian Haircuts and the Pomeranian Lion Cut

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Last Updated on 14/04/2023 by Dochlaggie. Post first published on April 14, 2023.

Are you a proud Pomeranian owner looking to revamp your pup’s style? Do you want them to be the talk of the town with their exquisite fashion sense? Look no further than giving your doggo a Pomeranian haircut!

Whether it’s a fluffy winter cut, sporty summer trim, or the infamous lion cut, there is something for everyone when it comes to full-proofing your furry friend’s look.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the types of Pomeranian haircuts available, why owners chose specific ones, and what tools are needed for at-home grooming.

Here at Pomeranian Headquarters, we understand how important feeling good about our pets’ overall appearance is – so let’s get creative and help gussy up your pup today!

Pomeranian Show Cut
Pomeranian Show Cut

Short Pomeranian Haircuts

I strongly recommend NOT giving a kennel cut or shaving a Pomeranian’s coat. There’s a major reason why the Pomeranian dog has earned the nickname “the ball of fluff.” It’s because this adorable breed possesses an incredible double fur coat.

By ensuring he’s properly groomed and never has any tangles, the Pomeranian’s unique appearance is that of a walking “ball of fluff.” A vision quickly quashed if he has a Pomeranian haircut.

Many breeds of dogs look good after they have had haircuts. For example, the poodle is an obvious breed when it comes to discussing varying styles of haircut.

However, the Pomeranian isn’t on this list. He’s an Arctic Spitz dog breed known for his dense double coat and lengthy guard hairs.

If you give your ask the Groomer for Pom a lion cut (this is where you shave his fur as close to the skin as possible but leave enough hair for a mane and fur on the tail), you’ll see that his fur will still grow back but in “patches” and this could be a significant problem.

Pomeranian Haircuts
Pomeranian Haircuts- Teddy Bear Cut.

Pomeranian Trim

Because Pomeranians have a lot of fur, somebody, at some point in time, thought it would be a “brilliant idea” to give this dog a haircut.

Pomeranians have always been trimmed for the show ring. The tips of their ears were trimmed to show the Judges the size of the ear.

Feet have been trimmed, and the anus has always had excess fur trimmed for cleanliness. Trimming for neatness in the show ring became the norm

What started as just taking off any scraggly hairs has now evolved in some cases to actually trimming the Pom’s coat extremely short. 

Shocked Pet Pomeranian Owners Taking Their Pomeranians To a Groomer Are Often Presented With a Shaved Pomeranian On Collection.

The Reason for Groomers Shaving Pomeranians Is Varied:  

Always ask important questions: If you do not want to collect a shaved Pomeranian, ALWAYS ask your Pomeranian groomer to scissor trim.

Pomeranian Haircuts. Puppy Cut.
Pomeranian Haircuts. Puppy Cut.

Pomeranian Grooming Cuts

Unofficial Pomeranian haircut styles have been given their names. One of the popular Pomeranian grooming styles is the Pomeranian Lion Cut.

Another is the Pomeranian teddy bear cut and also the Boo Pomeranian haircut.

Someone mentioned a new term to me, the Pomeranian fox cut, and I am looking forward to seeing pictures of Pom haircuts.

A Pomeranian Lion Cut

Pomeranian Lion Cut
Pomeranian Lion Cut

With the Pomeranian lion haircut, most of the Pom’s fur is shaved until it’s nearly at the skin.

However, long fur will be left on his chest and neck, forming a “lion’s mane” and a small amount on his tail.

Many people might believe this Pom lion cut an interesting look or it’s “cool,” but consider why it’s unwise.

Apart from all other considerations, a Pomeranian lion cut won’t retain its shape unless further cutting and trimming happen every 2-3 weeks.

Pomeranian Show Cut
Pomeranian Show Cut

Boo Pomeranian Haircut

The famous Pomeranian Boo has a huge following, and many of his fans don’t realize that Boo’s coat was trimmed very short as he suffered from Alopecia.

This is yet another haircut some Pomeranian owners choose, despite the fact that I don’t recommend it.

Pomeranian Show Cut
Pomeranian Show Cut

Pomeranian Haircuts Teddy Bear Style

To carry out the Pomeranian teddy bear cut or pomeranian puppy cut, you shave the entire dog’s hair to a standard length of 1/2 to 1 inch.

Some breeders choose this Pomeranian teddy bear haircut for adult Pomeranians because they don’t have sufficient time to groom every puppy and dog in their kennels correctly.

It does provide a cute appearance, but because the renowned “ball of fluff” no longer exists, it can be hard to recognize and correctly identify this dog as a Pomeranian because his hair is similar in length to a Labrador.

How often do you see a Pomeranian with a puppy cut or a Pomeranian teddy cut in summer? Often, the Pomeranian teddy bear cut is a common show-dog haircut. This Pomeranian dog haircut is neat and easy to maintain. 

The Pomeranian Show Cut

Pomeranian Show Cut
Pomeranian Show Cut

The Pomeranian show cut is a necessity for all show Pomeranians. All loose straggly hairs are trimmed to the same length, with a view to creating a visual circle shape and making the coat appear thicker than it is.

The show Pomeranian trim may often be modified to enhance the dog’s assets and disguise any faults. An example of this is trimming the ruff and pants short to help make the Pomeranian look shorter than he is.

The hair on the tips of the ears is trimmed to the length of the ear to show the judge how small the Pom’s ears are. This trimming habit returns to the start of Pomeranian dogs in the show ring.

Please refer to the Pomeranian Grooming Guide for further details on Show Pomeranian Trimming.

Shaving A Pomeranian

Shaved Pomeranian
Shaved Pomeranian

Kennel Cut-Show Pomeranian Breeder

Many breeders choose to shave the coats of their Pomeranians. It usually happens once a breeder has 10+ adult Poms in the program for breeding.

Because he’ll be incredibly busy looking after all the puppies and dogs and everything they need, he’ll shave the adults to reduce the overall average grooming time on every puppy and dog in his care.

Naturally, there are numerous pros and cons to doing this.

If the breeder is showing, the Pomeranians he shows will require grooming on a daily basis, so shaving or giving the dog’s fur a kennel cut on the other Poms frees up his time to concentrate on the show dogs.

If adult coats remain long, it’s highly likely that tangles will develop, and if they’re not eliminated quickly, they’ll keep growing and getting more tangled.

So the breeder with adult Poms that he doesn’t show will often shave them. Bathing and drying a shaved Pomeranian is a quick job compared to an adult Pomeranian dog in full coat.

Pomeranian Haircuts. Puppy Cut.
Pomeranian Haircuts. Puppy Cut.

Shaved Pomeranian Prior to Whelping

Pomeranian mothers with a litter generally shed their coats because of hormonal changes when they are about eight weeks old.

Before whelping, mothers must get shaved for the safety and cleanliness of their litter.

Puppies can get tangled in her long hair and choke until they die.

If potential buyers come to view puppies, they’ll naturally want to see the sire and dam. However, it’s not wise to let them see two shaved Pomeranians.

The buyers want to view the full fluffy coats, and the parents have to give them a picture of how the puppies will appear as adults. They must understand that the pup’s mother will look a little worse for wear.

Most prospective Pomeranian parents should understand that new mothers don’t usually look like film stars, including Pom Mums, who may have had a C-Section and are busy with 2 or 3 Pomeranian puppies to feed.

Pomeranian Grooming
Pomeranian Grooming-The Pomeranian Show Cut

Pomeranian Haircuts Conclusion

Pomeranian haircuts are a great way to give your pup an extra unique look and prepare them for a fun summer. While some cuts and styles may take excellent grooming skills, many are easy and doable with just a bit of practice.

Always check with your groomer in advance and make sure they specialize in Pomeranians to get the results you’re after. If you need help figuring out where to start, search online for pictures or videos of cut ideas and see what strikes your fancy.

Whatever style you go for, never forget that whatever haircut you choose for your pup is the perfect one for them – just like their fur and personality makes them so loveable.

From adding teddy bear ears to shaping up their fuzz into an adorable hairstyle, no matter which style you pick, your Pom will surely rock it! So this summer, treat yourself (and your pup!) to a little bit of fun with the perfect Pomeranian haircut!

For more information, refer to the Pomeranian Grooming Book.

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Pomeranian Hairstyles
Pomeranian Hairstyles

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