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Pomeranian Price Details: How Much Does a Pomeranian Cost?

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Last Updated on 03/11/2023 by Dochlaggie. Post first published on June 13, 2023.

Pomeranians are enchanting small dogs who are fabulous canine companions. Pomeranian puppies and dogs are a very popular breed due to their cute appearance, but they can also be expensive.

This article will explain how much you should expect to pay for your new Pomeranian pup. I will then explain the many factors that can affect the Pomeranian price, such as age, color, and location.

Your Pomeranian puppy will also cost money throughout its life as it grows, so make sure that’s something in your budget to cover ongoing expenses when considering getting one.

How Much Does a Pomeranian Cost and Why?

There’s a considerable variation in the Pomeranian dog price range. The cost of Pomeranian puppies and the actual Pomeranian dog price depend on many variables. The Pomeranian cost could be as little as $600 and higher pricing around $6,000.

Why are Pomeranians so Expensive? 

Among the factors influencing how much you will be paying for a Pomeranian puppy are health, location of purchase, the age of the Pomeranian, female puppies often sell for more than boy Pomeranians, and coat color.

In addition to prices, the type of seller you purchase from also influences pricing. Pomeranian Prices from the lowest to the highest:

  • An adult Pomeranian from a rescue organization.
  • Backyard breeder’s Pomeranian puppies.
  • Preservation breeders.
  • The highest-priced teacup Pomeranian puppies are from pet stores.
Pomeranian price
Pomeranian price

Pomeranian Price from a Breeder

Teacup Pomeranian price from a breeder starts at $2000 and is influenced by many things. These include the Breeder’s location, color, and sex of the Pom and the age of the Pomeranian. 

There are many kinds of breeders, but some people want to protect the species they love. These preservation breeders ensure that a certain type of Pomeranian is kept alive and well.

Pomeranian puppies obtained from preservation breeders will usually be true to breed standard, cute, fluffy, and remain the correct size as adults.

A Pomeranian breeder usually considers the quality of a dog to be one of the most influential factors in determining how much they should charge for it.

Quality does not only reflect on its health, personality, and behavior but can also have an effect on whether or not it can compete well with other dogs at conformation shows as well as produce offspring that possess similar traits too.


Age affects Pomeranian Prices. How much are baby Pomeranians, you ask? Pomeranian puppies’ price range is usually slightly more expensive than an older puppy or an adult one. So if you are not focused on an 8-week-old puppy consider an older Pomeranian.

Breeders may have slightly older show prospect pups who failed to develop correctly for the show ring but are perfect as family pets available at a discounted price.

Another option is an older adult Pomeranian who is being retired from a breeding or show program and is available to a loving home. These adult Poms have heaps of love to share and are usually available for a modest Pomeranian price.

Pomeranian price
Pomeranian price

Coat Color, Sex, Size, and Coat Color Influences Cost

Breeder’s Location

The location where a breeder lives can influence how they price their puppy prices. Breeders have to cover costs, and if an area has a high cost of living, then breeders will need to charge more so they do not need to be affected by the increased expenses.

However, this isn’t just limited to expenses; breeding regulations also play a significant factor in the prices of puppies from preservation breeders. Breeders also need to increase fees when additional regulation is involved, such as licensing or insurance needed by state laws.

How Much Does a Pomeranian Cost and Why?
How Much Does a Pomeranian Cost and Why?

Pet Pomeranian Puppies from Breeders

The cutest, fluffiest, and smallest true-to-type Pomeranian puppies are bred by preservation breeders. A pet-quality Pomeranian purchased from a preservation breeder is a purebred with some sort of minor issue that prevents them from being successful in the show circuit or means that they shouldn’t be bred.

These dogs can still make excellent pets and are much cheaper than their show-quality counterparts. They can also compete in many types of non-conformity competitions, such as agility or obedience trials, which more closely match their abilities, and they have been trained to become service animals for those who suffer from PTSD.

When you compare show Poms to non-show Pom, there will be a significant difference in quality. When buying from a breeder that shows their dogs at competitions (shows), the puppy is more likely to have certain better qualities such as temperament and appearance than those who do not attend dog shows with their pets or puppies obtained elsewhere.

A reputable breeder will list the dog’s issues ( if any) and encourage you to take them to an ethical veterinarian after purchase. They typically require that you spay or neuter if it is not already done, as well as promise a full refund in return should any problems arise later on with your dog after its sale.

Show quality Poms can cost $10,000 upwards. These dogs are the most expensive and conform closely to the Pomeranian breed standard. Show Pomeranians are usually proved at dog competitions before being used for breeding more show-quality Poms.

Rescue Pomeranians

Adopting a dog can be cheaper than buying one. Rescue Pomeranians can be adopted for a reasonable price of $300 upwards at some shelters, in addition to being spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, etc., which is all included by the shelter as part of their cost.

How Much Does a Pomeranian Cost?
How Much Does a Pomeranian Cost?

Backyard Breeder Pomeranian Puppies

Pom puppies purchased from breeders who do not prove their dogs in the show ring before breeding usually mature like the old-style Pomeranian or what some people call “throwback” Pomeranians.

People have lower breeding standards when creating dogs just for pets. They buy two dogs to mate with no regard for the outcome. This can cause problems with conformity and health issues that may not even be revealed until the puppy has grown and has become a much-loved family member.

Pomeranian puppy cost is often cheaper for puppies without kennel club pedigree paperwork.

Pomeranian Puppies
Pomeranian Puppies

Pomeranian Puppy Price from a Pet Store or Dealer

The misconception is that dogs bought from pet stores are cheaper than those purchased through breeders. In fact, most pet store pooches come from backyard breeders and puppy mills.

Dogs bought from a pet store are usually more expensive than those from breeders. Health and parentage concerns are usually significant things to consider with both backyard breeders and pet store options.

How to Save When Buying a Pomeranian

The cheapest option for Pomeranian ownership is a rescue dog needing a loving home. Next, you could consider purchasing a retired adult Pom or an older puppy from a breeder.

Slightly more expensive options than rescue and older dogs but cheaper than an 8-week-old preservation breeder puppy.

Adult Pomeranians are available through breeders and rescue centers, which allows you to see what they look like instead of waiting for a puppy to grow up.

Pomeranian puppies cost
Pomeranian puppies cost

How Much Does it Cost to Keep a Pomeranian?

The first big cost is the purchase price of the Pomeranian you chose. However, it’s wise to research the question of the costs expected in the long term.

After all, if you’re going to love a ball of fluffy fur, you want the best one you can find and get a complete picture of the expected costs.

What Costs Are Involved in Feeding a Pomeranian?

I highly recommend investigating the costs of feeding a Pomeranian dog. Size does play a factor, but it’s not the only aspect to consider. However, feeding a small dog like a Pomeranian won’t be expensive. A Pom usually weighs 4-8 pounds and consumes around one cup of food per day.

Quality dog food adds up to $2 – $3 per pound. Purchasing a bag weighing 30 pounds and spending $55 will provide you with approximately enough food. 120 days.

So, you’ll only need to spend $55 for 120 days’ worth of food. The bottom line is that owning a Pomeranian won’t drain the bank when trying to feed him.

How Much Will a Vet Cost?

Generally speaking, a Pomeranian is a sturdy, healthy canine; if he is well-fed and gets enough exercise, he shouldn’t have any problems with his health. However, as with all dogs, Pomeranians are prone to specific health problems based on their breed.

Pomeranian health problems include:

Serious problems that are the most common with Pomeranians and the approximate cost to treat them:

  • Patellar Luxation – $1,500-$9,000.
  • Entropion – $1200-$5,500.
  • Patent Ductus Arteriosus – $4,500-$9,000.
  • Cryptorchidism – $500-$2500.

If you don’t want to breed your Pomeranian, first ask about spayed/neutered. That will cost anywhere from $250 to $2000.

For a healthy Pomeranian, expect to spend a few hundred dollars for regular vet visits, vaccinations, teeth cleaning, and other problems.

Grooming Expenses

Another expense is regular grooming. You need to ensure your Pomeranian’s coat looks smooth and healthy. You can do it at home to save some money or pay a professional groomer $50-$150 per session. You will require Pomeranian grooming supplies.

How Much Does it Cost to Keep a Pomeranian?
How Much Does it Cost to Keep a Pomeranian?

Pomeranian Training

It’s also vital that you take time to train your Pomeranian, mainly if his personality is strong or if he can become a dominant little dog and can be very disruptive.

As soon as you can, it’s crucial that you enroll him in obedience training. Group lessons of one hour will cost $50 – $150 for a period of 4-8 weeks. That upfront expense will be well worth it because you’ll have a well-behaved pet.

Dog Supplies

Next is the cost of necessary supplies. You’ll need toys of different types, food and water bowls, a leash, a harness, a variety of toys, a brush, and a comfy bed.

To assist new owners, I have compiled a list of Pomeranian supplies. You might be tempted to go straight to the pet store and buy everything you can see for the new fur baby in your life. Don’t give in to temptation or you’ll spend far more than planned.

The reality is that your Pom won’t need heaps of toys, a different harness for each day of the week, all the food you can find, and the most expensive bed. Just buy some basics first. Then you can slowly learn what your dog needs and likes.

The American Pet Products Association conducted a survey and determined that caring for a dog costs an average of $1641 per year. This covered vet visits, food, grooming, treats boarding, vitamins, and toys.

If you have money to buy a dog, in a survey, the American Pet Products Association found that it costs $1,641 per boarding, grooming, vitamins, and toys. If you can afford the initial Pomeranian price and ongoing expenses, go for it!

In a survey, the American Pet Products Association found that it costs $1,641 per boarding, grooming, vitamins, and toys. If you can afford the initial Pomeranian price and ongoing expenses, go for it!

Pomeranian Price
How Much Does it Cost to Keep a Pomeranian?

Saving on Puppy Supplies

Buy puppy supplies before you get your new fluffy friend. If buying from a breeder, ask for a list of the things you will need for your new puppy before collecting your pup.

Most breeders supply a puppy pack, which usually consists of the essential items required to get you and your puppy through the first few days.

Wanting to buy a Pomeranian is excellent, but remember feeding and caring for your Pomeranian will take time and money. But it’s worth spending on them to have many years of companionship with an animal by your side.

A Pomeranian can bring years of happiness, but planning ahead is essential before investing.

Pomeranian Puppies
Pomeranian Puppies

Final Thoughts on the Price of Pomeranian Dogs

Pomeranian dogs are small, fluffy, and loyal. They’re known for being great family pets because they enjoy the company of children but can also be independent when needed.

These cute little furballs come in many colors, including white, brown, or black, with tan points on their face and ears. Their coats often have either long hair that is silky, and soft, or short hair that feels like velvet against your fingers.

Pomeranians are cute little dogs that make for great companions. They can be challenging to train and require a lot of grooming.

If you’re looking for a new furry friend, this might be your breed. The cost of owning a pom varies depending on color, location, and many other factors, such as age.

Breeding Pomeranians is an expensive exercise. You need to be passionate about owning Pomeranians because, once you do, you’ll never look back, and it is hard to stop at one.

Consider all costs while calculating how much you will need to purchase a Pomeranian. The initial Pomeranian price is relatively modest, considering your Pomeranian will be part of your family for many years.

The Pomeranian price ranges from $800-$5000 depending on the type of Pomeranian and where you get it ( rescue, breeder vs, pet store). Before purchasing one, think about what your dog needs regarding exercise, size, etc., and how much time you have to spend caring for him or her daily.

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Pomeranian Price
Pomeranian Price

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