puppy pomeraniansRule Number One: Stop searching for a puppy. Instead focus your search on looking for a breeder. Find a breeder who breeds the type of Pomeranian you most desire and develop a relationship with that breeder.

Rule Number Two: Be prepared to wait for your puppy. A puppy is not something which can be picked up from a supermarket shelf. In the event, the breeder of choice will not breeding in the foreseeable future, ask if they could recommend another breeder.

Rule Number Three: Introduce yourself appropriately. Your initial email needs be of sufficient length in order to clarify exactly what type of Pomeranian you are seeking and most importantly include brief specifics about the lifestyle you are able to provide the puppy. Avoid emailing many pages of information about yourself or the required puppy during the preliminary contact. Most dog breeders receive numerous emails, so ensure your first email is not so long winded, that the breeder will simply skim through the text. Never ever send “one- liners “requesting the price. Dog Breeders tend to be extremely fast to utilise the delete key with these style of emails.

Rule Number Four: Avoid getting yourself on multiple breeders’ waiting list. Please be sure to conclude an encounter with one dog breeder prior to commencing enquiries with another breeder. Just about every breeder knows almost every other breeder. The show breeder community is incredibly tiny, as well as being extremely close knit, consequently we all know each other. The information, a “Mrs So and So” is phoning or emailing all Pomeranian breeders shopping for a blue female puppy speedily becomes known to ALL breeders.

Rule Number Five: No do not expect to be able to select your puppy. The majority of Pomeranian litters tend to be small, one to three babies being the norm. Most reputable breeders spend countless hours planning breedings with a view to retaining a puppy for show or later breeding purposes. Any puppies available from this litter usually will be ones not required by the breeder. Show breeders understand their chosen breed perfectly and therefore are extremely well equipped to match buyers with a suitable puppy.

If you are interested in purchasing a Pomeranian, be it an adult or a Puppy visit the Pomeranian Directory. The Pomeranian Directory only lists the very best Pomeranian Breeders. Reputable, Kennel Club, AKC Registered Pomeranian Breeders. Links to Pomeranian Rescue and Pomeranian Resource Links. purchase a pomeranian puppy Copyright. Denise Leo. All Rights Reserved. www.pomeranian.org


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