Pomeranian Vaccination ScheduleYour puppy loves playing with other puppies in any new place including the beach or park. He gets very excited when given the opportunities to do this. However, you need to be aware that there are numerous contagious diseases that exist inside your puppy’s community. Diseases including Parvovirus are very dangerous to puppies while they’re developing and growing.

It’s essential that you keep your puppy safe and healthy before allowing him to go out and play in the real world. Being vaccinated is the smart way to protect your puppy.

It exposes his immune system to a tiny amount of the agent that creates the disease (bacteria or virus) via an injection. These injections are weakened and not active so they’re not able to give your puppy the disease, as long as they’re administered properly. After a vaccination program, puppy’s immune system creates special cells and antibodies that “remember” the bacteria and viruses in the vaccine.

When your puppy faces the actual disease, his immune system “remembers” the contents of the vaccine and destroys the infection. This immunity does wear off after a period of time so your puppy needs regular booster shots during the course of his life.

Pomeranian Vaccination Schedule

Before allowing your puppy out into any public places, he needs a complete vaccine program to guard against the following serious diseases:


A highly contagious viral gastroenteritis that causes severe vomiting and diarrhoea with some bleeding, loss of appetite and depression. If not treated, this virus can kill your puppy within 24 hours.


Can cause sudden death in your puppy. Adult dogs may have diarrhoea, fever, and weakness, acute abdominal pain because of an enlarged liver, bleeding and lost appetite.Pomeranian Vaccination Schedule


Is extremely contagious and has symptoms including: pus discharge from the nose and eyes, depression, fever, loss of appetite and depression. In the most severe cases, his brain may become affected and he may have convulsions which may prove fatal

Parainfluenza Virus and Bordetella (Canine Cough).

The cough is a hacking dry cough that ends in gagging and may last a couple of weeks. Both of these are very contagious, particularly in enclosed spaces. E.g. show rings and boarding kennels. The type, number and timing of vaccination programs will vary according to the clinic or hospital and the type and brand of vaccination that’s to be used.

What Vaccinations does my Pomeranian Pup require before going into the Outdoor World ?

Puppies can socialise with others and go into public places after they have received the 16 week vaccination. However, you must check this time with your own vet to be safe.

Parvovirus protection and puppy vaccination

Early socialisation between 6 and 16 weeks should occur because it can have a major impact on his future behaviour as an adult. It’s essential to his long-term development that he does socialise early on. In a perfect world, you must expose your beloved puppy to everything he’ll face as an adult. Such things include: loud noises, loud people, noisy traffic, moving objects like lawn mowers and bicycles; surfaces like wooden floors and steps; other energetic puppies, friendly adult dogs, children, birds and people in uniforms or costumes.

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