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Healthy Home Cooking For Your Pomeranian
Healthy Home Cooking For Your Pomeranian
Healthy Home Cooking for Pomeranians available here at the #1 Pomeranian Information site, contains healthy recipes suitable for all Pomeranians. I applaud all Pomeranian lovers who commit to feed their beloved Poms home-made food. Feeding your Pomeranian home cooked healthy meals & snacks containing real meat, fruit and vegetables and most importantly containing no fillers, preservatives or by-products will have a tremendous benefit on your Pomeranian’s health. Healthy Home Cooking for all Pomeranians contains over 50 canine recipes including doggie biscuits, healthy snacks, doggie soups, appetizers, breakfast food, yummy slow cooked doggie casseroles for busy Pomeranian parents, chicken and fish dinners, liver treats, a canine chicken birthday cake, a special recipe for senior poms, homemade jerky treats, frozen yogurt pops and more. Healthy Home Cooking for ALL Pomeranians is a downloadable PDF file. Download to your computer, phone or tablet for easy availability.
The Pomeranian Handbook
The Pomeranian Handbook
A complete guide to the most adorable dog in the universe. Written by Pomeranian Breed Authority Denise Leo All you have ever wanted to know about the Pomeranian Dog. This Pomeranian Guide is a must have item for all Pomeranian dog lovers. If you are thinking of purchasing or already own a Pomeranian and don’t have a copy of this book, you’re not only doing yourself a disservice but that of your pet as well. Small dogs frequently compensate for their diminutive stature with their huge personalities and this trait is incredibly accurate with the Pomeranian. This book will teach you everything you need to know to care for your precious dog (whether he’s a show dog or a beloved pet), from the very beginning when you’re thinking about buying one for yourself, from a puppy, right through adolescent, adulthood and onto his senior years. This book has been written by Pomeranian breed authority, Denise Leo, of Dochlaggie Pomeranian fame. She has been breeding and exhibiting Best in Show winning Supreme, Grand Champion & Champion Pomeranians since 1975 and is the breeder/exhibitor of more than 80 Champion Pomeranians. Who best to educate you on all the ins and outs of ensuring your Pomeranian has the best quality lifestyle when living in your home. Denise mixes expertise with the kind heart and soul of a true pet lover and hopes that you’ll benefit greatly from her knowledge. Contents include : • Tips on buying the right Pomeranian without getting scammed. • Two puppies or one? • Puppy Buyer Etiquette. • Gender-Specific Pomeranian Personalities. • Introducing the new puppy to Your Household. Tips and tricks to help you and your new Pomeranian puppy make the new home transition safely and easily. • Puppy supplies you will require for your new puppy. • The importance of your Pomeranian’s name. • Hints for “Pom-Proofing” Your House. • What, when and how to feed your pet. • Human Foods Which Can Be Dangerous To Dogs. • Why keeping your Pomeranian trim is vital. • How to care for your pet. Toilet training. Crate Training for your Pomeranian. House Training a Mature Pomeranian. • Pomeranian Dental Hygiene. • Vaccinations, Microchips, Worming, Sales Contracts, The importance of Kennel Club Registration Papers. • Socialising your Pomeranian Puppy. • Should you spay or neuter your Pomeranian? The risks associated with NOT desexing your pet explained. • Caring for senior Pomeranians. Nutrition for Senior Pomeranians. • A history of the proud Pomeranian including some of the most famous owners. • Photos of Pomeranian Puppy Transition and the actual transition process explained. • The different looks, types and colourings of a Pomeranian explained. • Information about health issues that your pet may go through and how to maintain good health as much as possible. • How to handle health emergencies. • Lots of photos and illustrations so you can actually see what you should be looking for. • How to create a safe, happy home for your Pomeranian. • Travelling with Your Pomeranian. • Breeding and Exhibiting Pomeranians. • And soooooooooo much more. For those Pomeranian owners interested in breeding and exhibiting Pomeranians, Denise shares her extensive knowledge of the Pomeranian breed in this book including type, movement, colours, breeding and much more. Book will be delivered by electronic download in PDF format.
Training your Pomeranian, Top Training Tips and Secrets
You are one step away from owning the Pomeranian Training Guide. Train your Pomeranian. Top Training Tips and Secrets Pomeranian dog training guide contains essential Pomeranian Adult and Puppy training techniques which are both remarkably effective and fun for both owner and dog. The must have book for All Pomeranian Parents. Topics covered include; starting your new puppy off on the right paw, basic dog training for owners and puppies, house training for puppies and older Pomeranians, housebreaking fundamentals, how to communicate with your Pomeranian, using verbal commands correctly. How to understand your Pomeranian’s body language. As soon as you complete the payment you will receive an email with download details. Absolutely no waiting. PDF format. Download the Pomeranian Training Guide to your computer, laptop, tablet or phone.
The Pomeranian Grooming  Guide.
This comprehensive guide will show how you can achieve that immaculate  Best in Show look on your own Pomeranian. Give you and your Pomeranian the winning edge at Dog Shows, or simply to show off your beautiful Pomeranian to your friends and family. Learn how to easily create the Teddy Bear Pomeranian look for your pet Pomeranian. Just like a professional Pomeranian groomer. Learn all of the inside secrets the professional Pomeranian dog groomers don t want you to know. All my 40 years of experience of Pomeranian show grooming experience have been compressed into the Pomeranian Grooming Video and Pomeranian Grooming Booklet for your benefit.
Friends for Life
Friends for Life. Tips on choosing the perfect Canine Companion is available here on The #1 Pomeranian Information Site as an eBook in PDF format. Download and store on your computer, tablet, phone and print a hardcopy if required. Don't think about buying a puppy without purchasing and reading this book first.  Learn how to avoid most pitfalls in the path to puppy ownership and how to select the perfect puppy for your lifestyle and family. The aim of this book is to give you honest answers and to help you to find the right dog for your situation. Here are just a few of the questions you should be asking: • There are too many breeds to choose from. How can I find the ideal breed? • Is it a wise move to get a pedigreed dog that’s registered with the Kennel Club? • What about the trendy designer dogs such as the Puggles or Labradoodles? • I know these dogs are expensive, so are they really worth the higher price tag? • Can I go to an animal shelter and choose from among the many mixed breeds available? If I do that, am I taking on problems previous owners have had? • Where can I look for breeders? • Are there ways to determine if a breeder is good or bad? • Many puppies can be found in pet stores. Is it good to buy one of them? • What sites on the internet can I use to help me with my search? • How can I use the Internet to find a good dog?

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