Switching from Puppy Food to Adult Dog Food

pomeranian dog

Pomeranian pups go through many changes during their first year. For correct growth and bone development I recommend feeding a high quality puppy food until your Pom’s first birthday.

Around the 52 week mark Pomeranians should be fed a diet more suited to a dog who is now an adult Pom. Adult dog food is filled with the correct balance of vitamins and nutrients for adult dogs.

One reason for the change is that adult dogs require less food and calories than growing puppies. The minerals and vitamins required by adult dogs differ as well.

It’s wise to make the transition slowly so by the time he’s 52 weeks old, he’s only having adult dog food. If you don’t complete the changeover by this time, there may be some consequences. One is that the puppy’s metabolism slows and so the additional calories he’s consuming aren’t being burnt off and a result could be a little tubby Pom.

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