Fading Puppy Syndrome – Is There Anything That Can Be Done?

pomeranian pups

Fading Puppy Syndrome is one of the saddest maladies.  Some puppies have problems from day one, others fail to grow as expected, some pups start declining a few weeks after birth. There are lots of reasons why puppies may not thrive (whether it’s during birth or after a couple of weeks in the world) and some … Read more…

Pomeranian’s Estrous Cycle


If your Pomeranian is a female who has not been desexed, you’ll need to learn facts about the heat cycle. Pomeranians do have a bloody discharge. Although the discharge isn’t as pronounced compared to bigger breeds, there will also be some physical and behavioural changes due to fluctuating hormones. First Heat. You want your pet … Read more…

Tips On Entering The World Of Pomeranian Breeding And Shows

Exhibiting a Pomeranian dog

Research and learn all you can about these amazing dogs, before you buy a Pomeranian. Go to Shows and observe everything you can. Become a member of your local Pomeranian Club and go to all the Specialty Shows. These shows are ideal for meeting and making connections with breeders and seeing lots of Poms in action. … Read more…

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