Pomeranians in the Media

Pomeranian Cash appears in the Real Housewives of Melbourne

The most famous Pomeranian in his own right is BOO, with over 16 million Facebook fans, 2 published books and a huge range of Boo collectables available. 8 year old Boo at is often referred to as the World’s Cutest Dog. Boo resides in San Francisco. Literature: Beatrix Potter wrote about a black Pomeranian named Duchess in … Read more…

Famous Pomeranian Owners

Chopin and a Pomeranian 1847

As a Pomeranian lover, you’re in extremely good company. Over the years, many famous people have fallen under the spell of this delightful little dog. Past and Present Pomeranian owners include: Queen Charlotte, King George III’s wife, (1744-1818) had white Pomeranians Phoebe and Mercury. Queen Victoria, (1819-1901) purchased four Pomeranians from Italy, the most famous … Read more…

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