Differences Between Pomeranians and the German Spitz

pomeranian and german spitz

The German Spitz and the Pomeranian share the same ancestry. The Poms were larger dogs in the early days, and were used for hunting, herding and almost everything else their owners required of them. Because the two breeds are very closely related, they’re similar in many ways and comparing their sizes, colours and physical characteristics … Read more…

German Spitz, Keeshond & Pomeranian FCI Breed Standard

ORIGIN: Germany DATE OF PUBLICATION OF THE ORIGINAL VALID STANDARD: 05.03.1998 UTILIZATION: Watch and Companion Dog CLASSIFICATION FCI: Group 5 Spitz and primitive types Section 4 European Spitz Without working trial BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY: German Spitz are descendants of the stone age « Peat Dogs » (Torfhund) « Canis familiaris palustris Rüthimeyer » and the … Read more…

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