Differences Between Pomeranians and the German Spitz

pomeranian and german spitz

The German Spitz and the Pomeranian share the same ancestry. The Poms were larger dogs in the early days, and were used for hunting, herding and almost everything else their owners required of them. Because the two breeds are very closely related, they’re similar in many ways and comparing their sizes, colours and physical characteristics … Read more…

How To Prove a Pomeranian is a Purebred

pomeranian puppy

How can you tell if the Pomeranian you’re about to buy, or the Pom you already own is truly purebred? There are a number of ways to determine whether this is the case. If you purchase your Pom from a Show Pomeranian breeder, you’ll be given pedigree papers that guarantee your new puppy is a purebred. There … Read more…

Fading Puppy Syndrome – Is There Anything That Can Be Done?

pomeranian pups

Fading Puppy Syndrome is one of the saddest maladies.  Some puppies have problems from day one, others fail to grow as expected, some pups start declining a few weeks after birth. There are lots of reasons why puppies may not thrive (whether it’s during birth or after a couple of weeks in the world) and some … Read more…

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