Pointers To Prevent Your Pomeranian Puppy From Biting/Mouthing People

pomeranian puppy

It’s only natural for Pomeranian puppies to play, chew and investigate everything they can find. One effective way to learn about things is to try and mouth or bite with their extremely sharp teeth. It’s very common, when they’re playing with you and other family members, that they will chew, moth and bite your hands, … Read more…

Pomeranians & Teething

pomeranian puppy

When Pomeranian puppies are born, they have no teeth at all. The first teeth begin to grow when they’re 6 – 8 weeks of age and these are called deciduous teeth (more commonly known as baby teeth). When these teeth start falling out, the incisors come out first, then the premolars and canine teeth. Poms … Read more…

Tips Stop Chewing And Biting

puppy playing

Some dogs have their owners home all the time. Others have to be on their own if the owner works all day and nobody else is home. In both scenarios, chewing and biting are hard habits to break, especially if your puppy is very young. Dogs and puppies have a bad reputation for destroying books, … Read more…

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