Fading Puppy Syndrome – Is There Anything That Can Be Done?

pomeranian pups

Fading Puppy Syndrome is one of the saddest maladies.  Some puppies have problems from day one, others fail to grow as expected, some pups start declining a few weeks after birth. There are lots of reasons why puppies may not thrive (whether it’s during birth or after a couple of weeks in the world) and some … Read more…

Correct Nutrition is Essential for Puppies

Correct nutrition is essential for our pup's development

Correct nutrition is essential for our pup’s development. Don’t let this happen to your puppy… If your puppy is under 12 months, I recommend a high quality commercial puppy food because most home cooked doggie meals won’t contain the correct ratio of calcium to phosphorus. Recommended feeding options for Pomeranian Puppies: • A high quality … Read more…

Littermate Syndrome: The Risky Downside to Raising Sibling Puppies

pomeranian pups

Numerous breeders, trainers, dog behaviourists and shelters actively discourage adopting siblings or even two dogs of the same age. There has been anecdotal evidence that behaviour problems may occur during the main periods of development because the two puppies have such a deep bond that it hinders their individual ability to grasp and absorb the … Read more…

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