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    Hello, Pomeranian parents!
    Day 1-7: Introduction and Routine Establishment
    Understanding Your Pomeranian: Recognize that Pomeranians are intelligent, energetic, and can be stubborn. They respond well to positive reinforcement.
    Create a Safe Space: Set up a comfortable area for your Pomeranian with a crate, bed, and toys.
    Routine: Establish a strict schedule for feeding, potty breaks, playtime, and sleep. Consistency is key.
    First Potty Breaks: Take your Pomeranian out for a potty break first thing in the morning, after meals, and before bedtime.
    Week 2-4: Consistency and Training
    Regular Potty Breaks: Continue with frequent potty breaks at the same times each day—praise and reward when your Pomeranian goes potty outside.
    Signal Training: Train your Pomeranian to signal when they need to go out. This could be barking, sitting at the door, or a specific sound like a bell.
    Supervision: Keep a close eye on your Pomeranian. If you notice signs they need to go (sniffing, circling), immediately take them outside.
    Accidents: If accidents happen, clean up without scolding. Use an enzymatic cleaner to remove odors.
    Month 2-6: Refinement and Socialization
    Reinforcement: Continue to reinforce good potty habits with praise and treats.
    Socialization: Introduce your Pomeranian to different environments and people to build confidence.
    Crate Training: If using a crate, associate it with positive experiences. It helps in potty training as dogs typically avoid soiling their sleeping area.
    Professional Training: Consider enrolling in a puppy training class for socialization and basic obedience.
    Beyond 6 Months: Ongoing Training and Care
    Routine Maintenance: Stick to the established routine but gradually increase the time between potty breaks.
    Health Check-Ups: Regular vet visits are important. Please talk about any concerns like irregular potty habits.
    Advanced Training: Continue training for advanced commands and tricks to keep their mind active.
    Patience and Love: Remember, every Pomeranian is different. Patience and consistent positive reinforcement are key.
    Additional Resources
    Visit Pomeranian Headquarters for more detailed guides, tips, and expert advice. https://pomeranian.org/pomeranian-potty-training/
    Remember, the key to successful Pomeranian potty training is consistency, patience, and understanding of their unique personality and needs. Each dog is different, so adapt your approach to suit your Pomeranian’s learning style.
    Pomeranian Potty Training Tips
    Pomeranian Potty Training Tips

    Denise Leo
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