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Website Image Disclaimer

Welcome to Pomeranian Headquarters, a platform dedicated to showcasing the charm and characteristics of Pomeranians. Our website features a variety of images that reflect our love and experience with this delightful breed.

  1. Ownership and Authentic Photos: Most of the images on this website are authentic photographs of Pomeranians owned or bred by us. These images are the property of Pomeranian Headquarters and are a testament to our commitment and experience in breeding and caring for Pomeranians.
  2. Use of AI-Generated and Stock Images: We occasionally utilize AI-generated images and stock photos alongside our original photographs. These are used for illustrative purposes to enhance our website’s content and user experience. While these images are carefully selected, they may not always depict actual animals or the exact characteristics of the Pomeranian breed.
  3. Purpose and Educational Use: The images displayed on our site are intended for educational and informational purposes. They offer insights into the breed’s features, our breeding practices, and the joy these animals bring to our lives.
  4. Accuracy and Representation: We endeavor to ensure the accuracy of all images on our website. However, please be aware that AI-generated and stock images may not always accurately represent Pomeranian traits or behaviors. Please refer to our original photographs for the most accurate and true-to-life depictions.
  5. No Misuse of Images: We strongly discourage and prohibit the misrepresentation or misuse of any images from our site, whether our original photographs, AI-generated images, or stock photos. This includes unauthorized use, distribution, or misrepresentation of these images.
  6. Inquiries and Permissions: For questions regarding our images or if you seek permission for their use, please contact us. We are happy to discuss usage rights and provide clarifications.

Thank you for your interest in Pomeranian Headquarters and for respecting our image usage policies. We hope you enjoy exploring the world of Pomeranians through our lens!