Does your Pomeranian have dry itchy skin?

pomeranian with dry itchy skin

Identifying And Managing Dry Skin Problems Dry skin is a very annoying problem for you and your beloved canine family members. Because lots of things can cause dry skin, it’s hard enough just diagnosing the right problem, let alone looking at treatment options. If your dog is suffering from flaky, itchy or dry skin, the … Read more…

Pomeranians and Shedding

pomeranian in full coat

Contrary to popular belief Pomeranians don’t shed much fur. Most longhaired dog breeds also don’t shed heaps all the time. The shedding can be easily managed with most long coated breeds because it’s seasonal and, in the case of bitches, hormonal shedding after a season or after weaning a litter of pups. In contrast to … Read more…

Dog Shampoos: The Function of Common Ingredients

Lots of shampoos have been designed to care for various skin problems faced by cats and dogs. It may be difficult to understand how the ingredients actually work. This table will help improve your understanding of why particular ingredients have been added to shampoo. Alongside discussions with your vet, this knowledge will help you choose … Read more…

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