Tips On Bonding with Your Pomeranian

pomeranian puppy

Bonding should be something that happens naturally when you get any new dog, whether it’s a puppy or already an adult, of any breed. However, there can be obstacles to developing a strong bond with your Pomeranian.   Your puppy may be very young and uninterested in doing much of anything. This could make you … Read more…

Why Does My Pom Eat Poop?

pomeranian puppy

Pomeranians are very cute and adorable in every way. So it can be upsetting when we see that our Pom is eating poop. This is frustrating for owners and it may cause your Pomeranian to pick up bacteria and parasites that can cause diarrhoea and other health problems. This behaviour is often embarrassing for people … Read more…

Tips For Curing Puppy Biting Behaviours

pomeranian puppy

Regardless of whether a puppy does it softly or firmly, or if it breaks the skin, when he nips at you, it’s very annoying. It’s a habit you can’t ignore or he’ll just persist. This is a bad habit that must be broken. Puppies often start nipping as very young pups while playing with others … Read more…

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