Tips On Putting Together Your Own Whelping Kit For Pomeranians

pomeranian pups

As a breeder, you shouldn’t really interfere with your Pomeranian during the birthing process. However, if you’re a responsible breeder, then it’s essential that you always have a good quality “whelping kit” so you can assist your dog while she’s in labor or shortly afterwards. Here’s a comprehensive list of essential products in your whelping … Read more…

Nutrition and Pom Mothers

pomeranian with pups

Everyone knows how important it is for human mothers to be taken care of during pregnancy right up to the time they give birth, and one element of care is consuming sufficient top quality nutritious foods. It’s equally as critical for Pomeranian bitches, even prior to being bred, so when the puppies are finally born, … Read more…

Supplements for Pomeranians

pomeranian dog

As with people, dogs also need dietary supplements sometimes. A supplement contains one or more ingredients essential for the good health of your Pomeranian. There may be only one ingredient or a blend of different ones and they can be minerals, vitamins, herbs or various botanicals. There’s a large range of different dog supplements you … Read more…

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