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Pomeranian Puppy Socialization

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Pomeranian Puppy Socialization and How to Train a Pomeranian Puppy

Is it really essential to get your Pomeranian puppy involved in socialization and Pomeranian dog training? The answer is certainly YES! Now you have that fantastic bundle of joy and have given a lot of thought to his physical needs. So it’s now time to get her involved in socializing.

What are his social skills like right now? Socializing your Pomeranian puppy will get rid of lots of bad behaviours and habits that may happen and will guarantee that your dog will become a great dog in every way.


Just as young children need to be taught how to socialize, dogs also need these same skills. They need to learn how to behave when they interact with other animals and with people as well. Most small breeds of dogs will go everywhere their owners do.

Some are placed in a stroller, others in a bag and some will walk proudly beside their owner. Whatever they do, they need to learn the right way to behave in every scenario including traveling in a car and visiting the local park where humans and other dogs also frequent.

Why Should You Socialize Your Puppy Pomeranian?

Puppies who are well socialized are much easier to train and once you have trained your puppy, he’s much easier to live with. There aren’t many puppies who are well socialised and trained that end up in animal organisations or animal shelters.

There’s another vital reason for socialising your puppy, regardless of whether you do it or get it done in classes. The reason is to avoid what some trainers call “Small Dog Syndrome.” This is a type of behaviour where the puppy misbehaves and is his way of “acting big.” He may jump up on guests, chew, bark, ignore your commands and just about anything else he thinks of.

This poor behaviour is caused by the pet being badly treated. Socializing your Pom puppy is critical because it stops these behaviours mentioned above becoming major disturbing behaviour and the puppy ends up having as dog phobias, being aggressive, having Pomeranian separation anxiety and carrying out destructive behaviour. Although genes are responsible for some of the poor behaviour, the owner can help avoid problems happening by properly socializing their puppy.

When Should You Socialize Your Puppy Pomeranian?

The socialization of a puppy begins when he’s born. If you buy your puppy from a professional, reputable breeder, you can rest assured that he has worked hard to exposing your puppy to many different smells, sounds, sights and other things that naturally occur in any household.

Pomeranian Puppy" src="" alt="Pomeranian Puppy" class="wp-image-9494"/>
Pomeranian Puppy

If the Pomeranian breeder raised the puppy in their home, your puppy will be used to the noises made by the vacuum cleaner and numerous other appliances used in the home. Your puppy will be used to a variety of textures such as stone, carpet, wood, bricks and tiles and perhaps have interacted with other dogs and cats.

Depending on what season it is, your puppy should have already experienced thunder, leaves rustling, rain hitting the windows and/or roof, water in a wading pool or the enjoyment of playing in snow. He will have interacted with different people: adults, children, teens, women and men, people with hats and umbrellas and others with boots.

People may be small or big, loud or softly spoken, tall or short, overweight or thin. All these experiences help with the process of socialisation.

Socializing is Your Job The Moment You Collect Your Puppy

Introducing socialization to your small breed of dog generally isn’t hard and, for most people, it’s just a case of introducing your puppy to a wide variety of environments as possible, making notes on anything that disturbs puppy so you can work on those elements.

PomeranianTraining and socialising go together and any good owner will ensure the new puppy can tell the difference between right and wrong from the moment he’s collected from the breeder. It sounds simple and it can be. It should also be fun.

Life with your new Pomeranian puppy will naturally include showing him off to family, friends and others in the community. Consider the various places where you can take puppy and all the people who would simply love to meet him.

The first few months of your Pom puppy’s life are an essential part of socializing but it’s a lifetime commitment, just as training is, and between the two activities, the bond between you and your puppy will get stronger as time goes on.

Pomeranian Puppy Socialization
Pomeranian Puppy Socialization

 Ideas for Pomeranian Puppy Socialization   

  • Take the dog whenever you have errands to run. However, never leave him in the car. If he gets car sick, don’t feed him prior to the trip and only give him any treats once you’re nearly home again.
  • Visit a variety of dog parks, normal parks and friends. Avoid the dog parks until the immunisations have been completed. Walking through the park, it’s likely that you’ll attract attention so be wary of that. Most people succumb to the sight of any new puppy.
  • Invite your friends over to meet him but only do so after he has had time in the house with you and your family. Too many new faces can make him excited and overwhelmed if they happen too soon.
  • Choose a puppy class for your pet. Make sure it’s the right age class for your puppy.
  • Walk your pet Pomeranian around the local neighbourhood so he’ll get to know other people and their pets as well.
  • If you have your own children, take the puppy when you go to their sports events. It’s a terrific way to introduce him to more young children, as long as you don’t allow too many to pet him at the same time.
  • Sit your puppy on your lap or beside you while you watch TV.
  • Play a variety of music. If your puppy has lots of energy, try playing relaxation music because that will settle him and you as well.
  • Walk your dog along trails used by cyclists, skateboarders, strollers and skaters to acclimatise your pet to the speed at which these people move.
  • Take your pet Pomeranian to crowded places such as outdoor concerts and parades.
  • Allow your dog to watch while you use appliances such as the vacuum cleaner, blender, washing machine, hair dryer and other noisy gadgets and machines.
  • Keep an eye on him while your lawn gets mowed.
  • Use moving objects while playing with your dog. These include: kites, bubble blowers, flying flags, Frisbees and more. Ensure supervision happens if you play with balloons.
  • Let your pet play in a kiddy pool with one-two inches of water. Let him run around and through the sprinklers while they spray water. Take him with you to the dog beach.
  • Don’t try to “baby” your Pomeranian dog or let him fear loud noises, storms, other big animals or air horns. Sometimes this may prove difficult. Human instinct is to protect children from noises and perceived threats and the same goes with dogs. The best way to deal with unusual noises is very matter-of-fact…no cuddling, cooing or cuddling your dog as you would a scared child. Just say “Oh, that’s only a storm” and keep doing whatever you’re doing. Your dog will soon learn.

Is it a Good Idea to Socialize Your Small Pomeranian Dog Around Other Dogs?

Many Pomeranian owners think not and have numerous reasons:

  1. My dog belongs inside.
  2. I won’t take my pet to a dog park.
  3. I won’t get a companion for him.
  4. I won’t let my dog mix with other dogs.
  5. I’ll always have my pet in a carry bag.

While these ideas are fine, life changes, as do people and their pets. Your instincts may end up being completely the opposite of what you originally wanted. You begin by taking your dog for walks where other people are doing the same. You meet somebody with a dog and hope both get along. You may get a second or third dog.

The list of changes is almost infinite and the average person exists in a world where the only consistency is change. Introducing your puppy to other four-legged animals is easier achieved when he’s young instead of hoping it will happen later when you have made changes and your pet has also changed.

One of the best gifts in the world is the powerful bond between a human and their beloved pet(s). Socializing puppies at a young age is a potent way to build the bond and guarantee it will last as long as the dog lives, which could be another 10-15 years.

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