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Last Updated on 25/04/2024 by Denise Leo. Post first published on August 14, 2023.

As a Pomeranian parent, potty training can be overwhelming. Learn step-by-step how to potty train your fur baby in a friendly and approachable way with expert tips from our experienced team at Pomeranian Headquarters!

I am often asked if Pomeranians are easy to train. I receive many emails asking how to house-train a Pomeranian. I will explain the steps to quickly potty training Pomeranian puppies and how to avoid Pomeranian potty training problems.

Complete Pomeranian House Training Information

Owners must understand that housetraining a Pomeranian requires patience and perseverance in the first weeks. 

If you purchased your Pom puppy from a reputable, registered show breeder, your task will be much easier. Pomeranian potty training troubles usually arise when multiple puppies are born and reared in dirty conditions. 

Most Pomeranian show dog breeders will commence to potty train Pomeranian puppies with training pads, newspapers, or a litter tray.

Pomeranian Potty Training Schedule

  1.  Commence Pomeranian toilet training immediately after you bring your puppy home.
  2. Dogs respond to odors, and they’ll urinate where there is the smell of dog urine. Eliminate the smell associated with mishaps from your home by simply cleaning with white vinegar.
  3. Always take your puppy outside to “potty” after sleeping, eating, and playtime.
  4. Crate training or puppy playpen training is an important part of potty training.
  5. Successfully commence crate training by confining your puppy to a small area at night, whenever you cannot monitor your puppy.
  6. When a puppy urinates or defecates at the “potty” place or uses the puppy pads, lavish praise and give him a treat instantly. These actions tell the puppy he has accomplished a wonderful thing. If preferred, you might include a command word while he’s performing his business.
  7. After success at the “potty” spot, the puppy may have freedom of the home for a short period. The amount of time is based on his age.
  8. If there are no results during a “potty break” after 5 minutes, bring the puppy inside, place him in his crate for half an hour, and then repeat the process.
  9. If you catch a puppy in the act, yell NO and race the puppy to the “potty” place. Praise and treat if the puppy does “potty” more at the correct place. Thoroughly clean up the accident before returning the puppy to the room.
  10. How long can a dog hold it? A young puppy must not be confined to a crate for lengthy periods. A general timeline is to expect a Pomeranian puppy to be able to hold on for no more hours than the number of months of their age.
  11. Crate training does not involve keeping a young puppy confined to a crate for hours.
Pomeranian Potty Training

Pomeranian Potty Training

To Begin Your Journey to a Clean House and a Happy, Potty Trained Pomeranian, consider These Measures:

• Take your Pomeranian to an area where he or she can use the bathroom before he enters your house for the very first time.
• After he goes to the bathroom, shower him with lots of praise!
• Bring your new dog into the house and allow him to explore.
• Anticipate times when he’s likely to need to eliminate (e.g., after eating, every few hours, and before bedtime), and promptly take him outside.
• Continue to praise your Pomeranian every time elimination happens, and he’ll be happy to receive your adoration and cuddles!
• Should accidents occur (and they most certainly will), don’t scold or punish your adult dog. Clean the mess – quietly – and keep training him. Be proactive; an older Pomeranian won’t tell you when he needs to go to the bathroom, at least not at first. Eventually, he’ll understand and respond accordingly.

Pomeranian Potty Training
Pomeranian Puppies

Restrict Puppy’s Unsupervised Access to Your Home 

The biggest mistake any Pom puppy owner can make is to bring a new Pomeranian puppy home, let the puppy run around the home for a few days, go to potty anywhere, and then decide to start house training a Pomeranian.

Your home will smell like a puppy’s potty place everywhere, and your task will be much harder and slower to achieve.

The baby Pom is best kept in a playpen with clean newspaper down or puppy pads, food, water, and a comfortable bed at the other end of the playpen. The Pom puppy sleeps in this area, and when I go out,  I leave the baby Pomeranian confined to the playpen. Other breeders have success with crate training; I prefer a playpen.

When the puppy wakes up, I take him or her outside to the area I want the puppy to use as a potty area or place the puppy on the puppy pads.

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I also take the puppy to this area after meals, reward the puppy when he or she has done the right thing with heaps of cuddles, and tell the puppy how clever and good he or she is.

This takes a lot of patience, and you must persevere, but doing this right in the first few weeks will pay in the long term.  Remember, your new Pom puppy is just a baby, and accidents do and will happen.


Any of the above actions on your part will make your Pom puppy associate his actions of going potty with his human, turning into a monster!

Your Pom will not associate your behavior with the intended message he is defecating in an inappropriate place, and next time he needs to go potty, he will hide from you.

Immediately take the puppy to the potty area. Clean up the accident immediately and ensure no lingering smells, or the puppy will use this area repeatedly.

If your Pomeranian puppy has been using a rug or newspaper, you can place either item outside where you want the baby to use the potty area. The smell will help the puppy associate this area with going to the toilet.

Helpful items to aid in potty training your new Pomeranian puppy are reusable, washable potty pads. 

Another option is disposable puppy potty pads. You can purchase them online at the best prices or from many discount stores and pet shops ( I avoid going into pet shops for fear of bringing home disease). You can already smell the puppy-like urine.

Place one of these where you want the puppy to use as the potty place, and the smell from the pads will encourage the puppy to use the pad.

Another Pomeranian Potty Training product is the indoor grass puppy potty.

This product is an artificial grass-type potty for your adult Pomeranian or puppy. It can be used indoors and outside and easily hosed and washed. It is a great product if you intend to train a Pomeranian puppy to potty inside or to use a patio area.

White vinegar is an excellent cleaner to remove doggie smells and is safe on most carpets.

Pomeranian Potty Training
Pomeranian Dog

How do I get my Pomeranian puppy to use the pee pads?

Nobody wants their puppy to pee whenever and wherever they feel the urge. This is why pee pads were invented. Define a space where your Pomeranian will spend his time when home alone. This may be in a canine playpen or a gated area of your home. Even when you’re at home, ensure your Pom can enter and exit that area when he chooses.

Whenever he looks like he needs to go potty, take him to the pee pads or some newspaper placed on the floor for that specific purpose. Whenever he uses the pads or paper properly, reward him with affection.

This can be treats, hugs, kisses, and genuine excitement that he has done it in the right place. He loves attention and praise, so gradually, he’ll associate the praise with doing his business in the designated areas.

If he misses the pad, put his feces on it briefly, giving it time to add the scent to the pad. If he misses when peeing, wipe up the pee and put the paper towel on the pads for the same reason.

A Pomeranian puppy may be confused when being taught to use pads. If so, cardboard is another method. A cardboard box is ideal as a “designated toilet area.” Get a sturdy box without a lid.

The best place for this is your Pomeranian’s “home” area. It needs to be stable. Cut a doorway all the way down on one of the sides so he doesn’t have to step up and over to get inside. The box will then surround the pad and feel more like a specific area than just a pad dropped on the floor.

Each time you take your new Pomeranian puppy to do his business, have him on a leash and guide him to that spot. Gently guide his entry into the box and make him stay there with the leash without letting him leave.

A Pomeranian puppy may take up to 15 seconds, so you need to give him some time. Every time he’s successful, lavishly praise him so he understands that’s where he needs to go whenever he has the urge. As time marches on and he gets better at potty in his space, you can cut the walls down a bit.

You can remove his box once he demonstrates that this is the bathroom area. This method is also great if you have a deck outside but no backyard, so you want him to use only a corner of the deck for his bathroom business.

Can You Litter Box Train a Pomeranian Puppy?

 Pomeranian Training  to Use a Litter Tray
Can You Litter Box Train a Pomeranian?

Yes, you can train a Pomeranian puppy to use a litter box. This is an easy task to accomplish with a young puppy. I have litter box trained many Pom pups here at Dochlaggie Pomeranians.

  • This is the easiest to start at around three weeks of age. I place a very low tray of kitty litter at the entrance to the baby’s bed.
  • The first thing the Pomeranian puppy steps onto when getting out of bed is the kitty litter tray. As the Pomeranian pup ages, I move the litter tray further away.
  • If you require your Pomeranian puppy to be litter trained, speak to your breeder about Pomeranian potty training before purchase.

How to Potty Train an Adult Pomeranian

What happens if you decide to rescue a Pomeranian… and discover that he or she doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “housebroken?” In that case, it’s time for some old-fashioned potty training! 

How to Housebreak a Rescue Dog

House-training adopted dogs may not be too difficult. Although some people believe teaching an older Pomeranian how to go to the bathroom outside is tough, the opposite is true. Why? Consider these facts:

• An older dog has more control over his body and can hold his bladder longer than a puppy.
• An older dog will likely respond to a consistent schedule quickly.

How to Potty Train a Pomeranian

Pomeranian Potty Training Problems

These tasks can help Pomeranian house training issues:

• Play with him outside.
• Take the puppy to his designated bathroom to pee before you play.
• If he gets too excited, approach him from his side and begin playing slowly.
• If your puppy does urinate, don’t pick him up immediately. Instead, kneel next to him, pat him slowly and calmly, then roll him into your lap. This stops the exciting feeling of being picked up.

The Moment I bring Pom Puppy Inside, He Poops or Pees

• Make him focus on one task and give him ample time.
• Don’t let him multi-task or roam the yard.
• Use a six-foot leash or a retractable one that goes out to six feet.
• Stand in the center of his designated space and let him circle within it.
• He might sniff and look around, but don’t disturb him by talking or playing.

Time Matters

• It would be great if your puppy did his business on cue. However, some need 15-20 minutes for their bowel muscles to relax before a movement.
• If he pees, he might only half-empty his bladder and need more time to expel the rest.
• Sit outside with a good book or phone and give him time.

If he needs to pee the minute he comes in, have him sit on your lap. Dogs don’t normally pee on their owners.

However, there are three exceptions:

1. If he has a health problem making his bladder weak.
2. If he’s highly stressed.
3. If his need to go is too strong to hold on.

Don’t keep him in your lap for more than 10 minutes before carrying him to his bathroom, where he’ll probably pee easily.

My Pomeranian can’t hold it for more than an hour.

If he suddenly loses control of his bowels and bladder, this may indicate a health problem that must be checked first. Once the vet determines there’s no health reason, you can look at other possibilities.

Apart from health problems, generally, the solution is that he needs to strengthen his bowel and bladder muscles.
Very young puppies won’t have much control. Their muscles get stronger as they grow, but how much stronger they will get depends partly on what you do to help.

If you took your 8-week-old Pomeranian puppy out to the garden every two hours and stuck with that as he turned three and then four months of age, he’ll get used to going every two hours. The answer is to increase the time between visits.

There must be a good balance between taking him outside and supervising him. Use the supervisory or confinement methods covered earlier. You aim to increase the time by 15 minutes and then keep increasing slowly as he improves.

If he’s used to a three-hour interval and you try to get him to hold it for eight hours, that’s impossible. Only the incremental way will gradually work.

Pomeranian Potty Training
Pomeranian Puppies

My Dog Does His Business While I Sleep Without Waking Me

This covers nightly bathroom needs. The early morning will be discussed next.

These tips can help Pomeranian potty training troubles:

  • Take your Pomeranian puppy out one hour before bed and again 20 minutes prior, allocating the 15-20 minutes previously covered.
  • Don’t feed him anything after two hours before bedtime.
  • However, never restrict his water.
  • Place him in a confined space so messes don’t appear around your home. The playpen mentioned earlier is a terrific idea. If you don’t know he needs to go, he’ll likely use the pads provided
  • He needs sufficient activity and exercise throughout the day to sleep when it’s time. This means 2-3 20-minute walks daily and a 20-minute cardio session (playing fetch or something similar).

Puppy Poos and Pees Early Some Mornings

How to Potty Train a Pomeranian Puppy Tips:

  • Make his last meal an hour or two earlier than normal. It will increase the chance he’ll use the bathroom last thing at night. If you do this, give him a small dry snack at his normal dinner time.
  • Sometimes, it’s the opposite that works. Feed him two hours later in the evening so he may not have a bathroom urge until two hours later than usual. Again, please give him a small dry snack at his usual meal time.
  • Give your dog more exercise each evening. Don’t do it too close to his bedtime, but if you play fetch for a couple of hours or take him for a long walk, he’ll be more tired and should sleep through the night and NOT want to go to the bathroom while you’re still deep in slumber.
  • Certain noises can wake your dog. It could be birds chirping, a door closing, loud voices outside, etc. Perhaps you have a quieter location for his sleeping area. Alternatively, a white noise machine can block out annoying sounds.
  • Your dog bark when he wakes up as he’s feeling bored. You might assume he needs the bathroom, so you take him out. He’ll pee only because he’s outside. However, he may not have barked and disturbed you if he had something to keep himself busy when he woke. Placing a treat release toy in his sleeping space after he’s asleep can keep him happy if he wakes up and will save him from barking.

My Pomeranian uses the whole house as a bathroom.

  • If he completely empties his bladder and it begins suddenly, it could be a urinary tract or bladder infection, so it’s vet time.
  • He may mark his territory if it’s only a sprinkle, often in the same spot. Read the “Marking” section for more information on this topic.
  • If your dog hasn’t understood your rules, you’ll need to start from the beginning again.
  • You may have spent months training your pet, but if you find feces and urine all around your home, something didn’t go according to plan…perhaps a step was missed. If you skip steps to save time, you waste time.

My Pom moves or destroys pee pads.

• Use a pee pad holder; the best one available is the Dogit Training Pad Holder. Its raised edge contains all puddles, and it securely holds a pad. You can also buy cat litter boxes that act like quality pee pad holders.

• Ensure he has the ideal chew toys to satisfy him; great “stay busy” toys to occupy his time; 20 minutes of cardio exercises and 2-3 walks daily. This should release all his pent-up energy and stop him from feeling restless.

What to Do When Your Pom Dog Misses the Pee Pads

This can happen if his area is too big (e.g., half a room divided by gates). However, his space can’t be too small either, or he’ll feel claustrophobic, causing emotional and physical stress.

The ideal space should be big enough for a bed area, water and food, a toy play area, and pee pads. It’s rare for a dog to soil his belongings, so this size strongly encourages his use of pee pads.

Pomeranian Potty Training
Pomeranian Potty Training

Pomeranian Submissive Urination

Pomeranian submissive urination is defined as what a dog does when he sees or interacts with his owner, other dogs, or people.

It may be confusing because you may think he has lost control of his bladder. After all, he fears something. An owner may be very worried if this happens, especially if you have never given him any reason to behave that way.

Signs a Pomeranian Suffers Dog Anxiety Peeing Include:

• Dribbling or emptying his bladder, like he has lost control.
• Behaving in a submissive manner (cowering and possibly also shaking).
• Looking up at a person with a frightened look or hanging his head in shame and refusing to make eye contact.
• A submissive grin. People may mistake this for a nasty growl because the dog’s teeth will be visible, but it causes the corners of the mouth to pull back in a canine form of appeasement.
• A dog can have squinty eyes, lick his lips, and possibly wiggle his body simultaneously as “grinning.”

Why Does My Dog Pees He Gets Excited?

• Confusion.
• Being nervous.
• Overload of his senses.

When I Pick Up My Pomeranian Puppy, He Pees?

Puppies commonly become so excited that they pee themselves. It might be because they expect attention or receive too much attention. It’s also known as “dog excitement urination.” 

Problems Sometimes Thought to be Pomeranian Excitement Urination:

  •  Health problems include a urinary tract infection (UTI), kidney troubles, or an infected bladder. If you think these issues exist, your dog should be taken to the vet.
  • Problems with house training a puppy: If this is the case, he’ll urinate when you’re not in sight or when you are.
  •  Marking. If this happens, he’ll urinate inside your home in a spray, not a full bladder release.

How to Stop Dog Excitement Urination:

  •  Never force him to interact with dogs around him.
  •  Work on desensitizing and socializing him so he grows used to being around other dogs.

How to Stop Pomeranian Puppy Submissive Urination:

  • Take him to his defined bathroom area frequently. If you believe you’re doing this, add several more daily trips.
  • Please avoid direct contact straight after he pees. If he’s prone to peeing as soon as you come into the house, ignore him, pour a glass of water, read your mail, and pat him.
  • Never stand over him. Always kneel or sit down to greet him.
  • Never stare at your beloved pet as you greet him. Look to one side at first.
  • Your first physical touch shouldn’t be a pat on his head. Instead, touch him under the chin or on his chest.
  • If your dog urinates submissively, don’t react. Keep calm, with a neutral face and relaxed body. Collect the cleaning products and clean up his mess.
  • Your dog’s behavior should get better over time. If it doesn’t, you may have to speak with the vet to determine if he has any health problems that may affect his bladder.

Your Dog’s Reactions to People Who Don’t Live in The Home:

Dog Urinates When Excited. Does Your Puppy Pees When Excited?

  •  If he loves visitors and will urinate because he’s excited, let him greet them outside before allowing them all to come in.
  • If he’s scared of visitors, place him safely in his playpen area with toys and his bed so he feels comfortable and safe.
  •  If it happens with friends and you trust them to help you, ask them to follow the guidelines mentioned under the heading “in your presence,” as listed above.

How do I stop my dog from peeing when excited? In every case, you must begin to teach him commands because this is a guaranteed method for boosting his self-confidence.

How Long Does It Take To Potty Train a Pomeranian?

Many new Pomeranian puppy owners will ask, “How long does potty training a puppy take?”

This is an impossible question to answer, as all puppies are individuals. Some puppies walk into their new homes and immediately get the potty issue under control, while others may take weeks or months to become housebroken.

The time involved in Pomeranian house training varies with each puppy. The owner’s diligence with the potty regime greatly affects the success rate.

Pomeranian puppies usually want to keep their home clean. It is up to owners to provide the opportunity for a trained Pomeranian by setting your puppy up for success. Habits, the good and, unfortunately, the bad, are quickly learned.

Success with Pomeranian training can be quickly achieved by starting your puppy out on the right paw from day one.

Final Thoughts on How To Toilet Train a Pomeranian Puppy

Potty training can be one of the most challenging tasks when owning a Pomeranian but also one of the most rewarding. Committing to a consistent routine and showing plenty of patience, discipline must be firm but gentle, and rewards should be liberally provided.

With practice and perseverance, your pup will soon learn that doing its business outside equals verbal praise and treats. Remember that training won’t happen overnight—you must remain focused on the goal while providing comfort, gentleness, and consistency during the journey.

Like bringing a puppy into the house, potty training can involve some trials and tribulations, so take a deep breath and keep these tips in mind as you embark on this new adventure together!

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