Constipation Can Be A Problem For Pomeranians


If your Pom is having a bowel movement, you may check it out and wonder if it’s normal, or if it’s too hard. You may see your Pom having trouble, straining and struggling, to empty his bowels. Then you’ll find other owners who just don’t care. This article will help teach you what Pomeranian stool … Read more…

Crate Training Tips For Pomeranians

To train your Pomeranian properly, you need a number of tools. One of the best tools is a crate. This may be a conventional carrier or a wire fold-up crate. It’s terrific for housetraining puppies and will save you tons of money when it comes to potential damage to furniture, floorings and other items in … Read more…

Worms Can Be A Very Serious Health Issue For Pomeranians


There are a number of different worms that can cause health trouble for dogs. It’s essential that you know them all so you can safely protect your beloved Pomeranian. TAPEWORMS Tapeworms are flat and have parts that spread across your Pom’s body. The head has muscular grooves or suckers that let the worm to connect … Read more…

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