I just want a Pet Pom. Do I Really Need To Buy from A Show Pomeranian Breeder?

pet pomeranian puppy

If you’re looking for a pet, there are two main ways to find one. It’s quite common that people will suggest talking to a breeder who gets his dogs involved in titles and shows as your best option. Some will say shows don’t matter and you can get a pet from anywhere if that’s all … Read more…

How and Where to Purchase a Puppy….

Friends for Life. Tips on choosing the perfect Canine Companion is available here on The #1 Pomeranian Information Site as an eBook in PDF format. Download and store on your computer, tablet, phone and print a hardcopy if required. Don’t think about buying a puppy without reading this book first.  Learn how to avoid most pitfalls in the … Read more…

Caring For New Pom Pup While Working

pomeranian puppy

Plenty of people work full-time and still manage to care for a new puppy. However, there are many reasons why they cope so this article will explain all the aspects you need to consider when caring for your new puppy. For the purpose of this article, we’ll assume you have weighed up the pros and … Read more…

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