Pomeranian Coat Color Changes from Birth to Maturity

Pomeranian Color Changes from Birth to Maturity

Pomeranian owners are often surprised at how the coat colour of their Pomeranian has changed from puppyhood, during the pom’s adolescent and finally the adult Pom colour. Experienced breeders know to check  the hair color behind the ears on pups. The actual colour of the hair behind a puppy’s ears is a reasonably accurate guide … Read more…

White Pomeranians

White: A white Pomeranian should be a solid white with no lemon or cream shadings. The guard hairs and undercoat is also white. A white Pomeranian must have black eye rims, nose, lips and pads. White Pomeranians are born ice white with pink points. By the age of six weeks, the points should have darkened … Read more…

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