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Wolf Sable Pomeranians

What is a Wolf Sable Pomeranian?

Wolf Sable Pomeranians are a grey Pomeranian or a better description is grey sable Pomeranian. The coat of a wolf sable Pomeranian consists of a light gray undercoat and the guard hair is a darker gray ending with black tipping. The gray Pomeranian undercoat and guard hairs can vary in color from silvery off- white to a light gray. 

The wolf sable Pomeranian adult usually has the harshest, stand-off coat compared to the other colors in the Pom breed. As with all the sables, great care must be taken when trimming the sable wolf Pomeranian for show purposes.

The wolf Pomeranian must not have any hint of orange in his coat.  Eye rims, nose, lips and pads (the points ) are always black.

Basically a wolf colored Pomeranian dog has a coat of varying shades of gray, with the guard hairs ending in black tipping. A genuine wolf Pomeranian will definitely not possess a hint of orange in the coat.

Early Pomeranian wolf dog
Early Pomeranian wolf dog

The term “Wolf” is used to identify this color, because the Pomeranian dog was originally referred to as the “Wolf Dog”. The Pom dog was originally called the Pomeranian wolf dog. Many of the early champions prior to the introduction of the orange and orange sable colors to the breed where in fact wolf sable Pomeranians. 

Identifying a True Pomeranian Wolf Sable

Considerably far too many Pom dogs are registered as Pomeranians Wolf Sable without proper verification.  This is because too many people still rely on visual verification of the wolf sable Pom, instead of making use of the many scientific advances available to us today.

DNA color gene testing for the presence of the aw color gene can easily and quickly prove whether a dog is indeed a authentic wolf sable Pomeranian or not. Talk to your veterinarian who can easily organize DNA color gene testing for your dog.

The DNA color gene test is a quick, painless procedure. Just about all that is involved,  is actually taking a swab from inside the dog’s cheek. Your Pom will most likely not notice this being carried out. The swab is then placed in a sealed envelope and mailed off to the closest laboratory for testing. You may have to wait a few weeks for the result. This test will detect if your dog is a true Pomeranian sable wolf or not.

DNA testing is a helpful tool for breeders. Breeders wishing to breed the Wolf Sable Pomeranian are now able to select breeding pairs who both carry the wolf sable aw gene with absolute certainty.

Beginner Pom breeders sometimes mistakenly register an orange sable pup as a wolf sable pomeranian puppy. Orange sable Pomeranian puppies often appear more grey than orange at six weeks of age. However, as they mature, the orange color will come through.

Experienced Pomeranian breeders know to always check behind the puppy’s ears. The actual color of the hair behind a puppy’s ears is a reasonably accurate guide to the Pom puppy’s adult coat color.

Wolf Sable Pomeranian for Sale?

Are wolf sable Pomeranians rare? A true wolf sable Pomeranian is a rarity. If you see advertisements for wolf sable Pomeranian for sale, or wolf sable Pomeranian puppies for sale,  my advice is to proceed with great caution.

Advertisements for rare wolf colors,  wolf sable color and Pomeranian wolf puppies are usually placed by uniformed backyard breeders, who are actually trying to sell orange sable pups. Very dark grey Pomeranian puppies will most often change to orange sable at maturity.

Those wishing to purchase a wolf sable should ask that the color is proven via DNA prior to purchase. Ask to see the DNA certificate BEFORE handing over any money.

History of the Wolf-Sable Pomeranian

Shaded Wolf Sables are today a rare color. Not so in the early years of this dog breed, during this period there were many wolf sable Pomeranian breeders. 

The first wolf sable Pom champion was Mrs Barnett’s “Ruffle. Ruffle was later bought by Mrs F. Smyth and exported to America.

Mrs Nicholas was an early breeder and exhibitor.  Mrs Nicholas was one of the first to own a large kennel of wolf sable Pomeranians. Wolf sables owned by Mrs Nicholas include the big winning Poms, Champion Shelton Sable Mite and Champion The Sable Mite. 

Champion The Sable Mite was registered by the Kennel Club as a shaded sable and bred Mr. P. Hirst. The Sable Mite’s sire was a black dog, Little Nipper. Little Nipper was  a son of the famous sire English Champion Hatcham Nip. The dam of Champion The Sable Mite was Laurel Fluffie. 

English Champion Hatcham Nip was later exported to American and after winning the New York show in 1901, became the first International Champion in this breed.

Champion Wolf Sable Pomeranian The Sable Mite
Champion Wolf Sable Pomeranian The Sable Mite owned by Mrs Nicholas. Bred by Mr. P. Hirst. Sired by Little Nipper. Dam: Laurel Fluffie.

A stunning orange sable shaded dog was to come on the scene, who took the Pomeranian world by storm, Champion Dragon Fly. Champion Dragon Fly was bred to most of the wolf sables in an attempt to introduce warmth to the coats. The craze of oranges had began, which saw most of the other colors take a backseat to the oranges and orange sables.

 An early American winning wolf sable dog was Perrywinkle Smo Kee bred and owned by Perrywinkle Kennels.

Wolf Sable Pomeranians
Wolf Sable Pomeranians

Pictured above: Top photo Wolf Sable Pomeranian Puppy and below Wolf Sable Pomeranian Adult.

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