Wolf Sable Pomeranians are a grey color. The coat of a  wolf sable Pomeranian consists of a light grey undercoat and the guard hair is a darker grey ending with black tipping. The grey undercoat and guard hairs can vary in color from silvery off- white to a light grey. The wolf sable Pom must not have any hint of orange in his coat.  Eye rims, nose, lips and pads (the points ) are black.

Identifying a True Wolf Sable Pomeranian

Too many Pomeranians are registered as Wolf Sable without proper verification. DNA color gene testing for the presence of the aw color gene can easily and quickly  prove whether a Pom is indeed a true wolf sable. Talk to your veterinarian who can organize DNA color gene testing. DNA color gene testing will detect if your Pomeranian is a true Wolf Sable or not.

 DNA testing is a helpful tool for breeders. Breeders wishing to breed the Wolf Sable Pomeranian are now able to select breeding pairs who both carry the wolf sable aw gene with absolute certainty.

Beginner Pom breeders sometimes mistakenly register an orange sable puppy as a wolf sable. Orange sable Pomeranian puppies often appear more grey than orange at six weeks of age. However, as they mature, the orange color will come through. Experienced Pom breeders know to check behind the puppy’s ears. The actual color of the hair behind a puppy’s ears is a reasonably accurate guide to the Pomeranian puppy’s adult coat color.

A true wolf sable Pomeranian is a rarity. Those wishing to purchase a wolf sable should ask that the color is proven via DNA prior to purchase.

The wolf sable Pomeranian usually has the harshest,  stand-off coat compared to the other colors in the Pom breed. 

Wolf Sable Pomeranians

Wolf Sable Pomeranians

Pictured above: Top photo wolf sable puppy and below wolf sable adult.

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