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White Pomeranian

An all white Pomeranian should be a solid white color with no lemon or cream shadings. The guard hairs and undercoat is also white. White Pomeranians must have black eye rims, a black nose, black lips and also black pads.

Newborn white baby Pomeranian puppies are ice white with all pink points. By the age of six weeks, these points should have darkened to black; however, the coat will remain snow white.

White Pomeranian Puppies

Will White Pomeranian Puppies Stay White ?

Cream, Orange and White Parti Colors and Light Orange, very young Pomeranian puppies are frequently erroneously described as white baby Pomeranians.  Always look at the hair at the back of pup’s ears. is there any color other then snow white ? If there are light orange or biscuit shadings behind the pup’s ears the dog might be parti colored, cream or even an orange Pom dog.

Biscuit or cream hair behind the pup’s ears usually means the Pomeranian puppy will turn out a cream or a very light orange Pomeranian instead of white in color.  Small light biscuit patches on the pup’s coat may indicate the Pomeranian white puppy is parti colored not white.

It can be difficult to ascertain the color of a Pomeranian white puppy until after the coat change at around 6 months.

Is an all White Pomeranian Dog a Rarity ?

White Pomeranian

Ice White Pomeranians can be considered rare. Quality White Pomeranians are usually very expensive owing to high demand. The most common Pom scam involves advertising white Pomeranian puppies, usually a female pup or pups, which do not exist. Breeders receive many enquiries for a Pomeranian white puppy.

Read More about Pomeranian Puppy Scams and how to avoid being scammed by clicking here.

All White Pomeranian Dog Grooming Requirements

A little extra time is required in a grooming regime for a White Pomeranian. Special shampoos may be needed to keep the coat a sparkly ice white and tear staining is often a problem with the White Pom.

Breeding White Pomeranians

If your interest is how to breed snow white Poms and you enjoy a good challenge, you will find information on how to breed the white colored Pomeranian visit our Breeding Colored Poms page by clicking here.

Many have tried to breed show quality white Pomeranians. The only really successful white breeders have concentrated solely on the white Pom. Numerous breeders, over the years have tried and quickly given up on this challenge.

White to White breedings can quickly produce problems, including Poms whose quality has reverted back to the old style Pomeranian, loss of pigmentation, lacking head and leg coat, poor coat quality and more.

A study of old pedigrees will reveal past white breeders who gave up on breeding the Ice White Pom and used their white bitches to better advantage in an orange breeding program.

History of White Pomeranian Dogs

The early Pomeranian dogs were mostly white colored. Unfortunately these dogs were also rather larger than desired and more German Spitz type in appearance than the modern day Pomeranian. These larger white dogs had longer, narrow muzzles, lower set tails, flat open coats, bigger ears and were often longer backed than the breed standard demanded. 

Orange, sable, blue and chocolate Poms made their appearance in the Pomeranian dog world and the breeders of these older style white Poms attempted to breed their dogs down in size by outcrossing with newer colored dogs. The resulting progeny was usually parti colored or wolf sable in color.

Those breeders who attempted to breed the whites down in size faced problems with pigmentation, coat texture and retaining the ice white coat color. Many of the dogs had problems with lemon shading and tippings to their coats. Even today  breeders attempting to breed ice white,  show quality Pomeranian dogs face tremendous hurdles.

White is one of the original Pomeranian colors. The original colors being: White, Black, Cream and occasionally a parti color was seen. It was not until Queen Victoria visited Italy and bought back different colored Poms did other colored dogs appear in the breed.

 The first champion of the breed was a white Pomeranian : Champion Rob of Rozelle. The breeder and breeding of this first Pom Champion is unknown.

The second Pomeranian Champion was another white Pomeranian dog, Champion Konig of Rozelle. Konig was a son of Champion Rob of Rozelle. Dam was Peggoty.

Bred by Miss Hamilton, who specialised in white Pomeranians. Champion Rob of Rozelle was also the sire and grandsire of many champion dogs during this era, including another white champion for breeder Miss Chell, Champion Belper Flossie.

White Pomeranian Dog Health Concerns

White poms are prone to the same health issues as other Pomeranians and have a similar lifespan.

One health issue related to many white dogs, of all breeds,  is deafness. As a breeder of White Pomeranians for many decades,  I have not come across a deaf white pom, but I have heard of poms who are deaf.

You should be purchasing your puppy from a show breeder, who does health testing and proves their poms in the show ring prior to breeding. Ask your breeder to have the hearing of a  Pomeranian white puppy checked prior to purchase. 

white pomeranian
white Pomeranian
white pomeranian
white Pomeranian
White Pomeranian Puppy
White Pomeranian Puppy
White Pomeranian Puppy
All White Pomeranian Puppy

white pomeranian puppies
white pomeranian puppies

White Pomeranian Dog
All White Pomeranian Dog

White Pomeranian
White Pomeranian

White Pomeranian
White Pomeranian

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