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Pomeranian Tear Stains

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What are Pomeranian tear stains? Pomeranian eye stains are a regular issue with most Pomeranians. If you are wondering what to do about it, this article is for you.

Pomeranian eye stains are a common occurrence in dogs with light-colored fur. Eye irritation, allergies, or other health problems are the cause of most eye staining issues.

Pom owners will be pleased to know that there are ways to remove tear stains. This blog article will help you learn about the symptoms and solutions for removing Pomeranian tear stains. Read on to find out more.

Pomeranian eye stains can be dark brown discolored hair under the Pomeranian’s eyes. Food does not cause stains. The orange color has an iron ingredient that the Pom secretes in his saliva, tears, and urine.

This is why your Pom may have orange on his lips, or paws or anywhere else he licks all the time. If he’s out in the sunlight and wind, the excessive tearing is only aggravated.

Pomeranian Puppies Can Develop Tear Stains

Pomeranian eye stains may develop on very young Pom puppies who are still feeding on their mother. Pomeranian eye stains and staining on paws and around their mouth are very common on white and cream-colored Pom puppies

Light-colored Pomeranian puppies may develop food stains on their paws and around the mouth from food. 

What Causes Tear Stains in Pomeranians?

Excessive tearing or epiphora isn’t normal for Pomeranians, and it indicates that your Pom has a problem that you have to fix.

So, let’s take a quick look at the most common causes of watering eyes in Pomeranian that can lead to stains.

1. Pomeranian Allergies

If something gets into your Pomeranian’s eyes, an involuntary reaction is to begin to water because this flushes away lots of irritants. So, this makes allergies a major cause of stains.

There are lots of things that may cause potential allergies for your Pomeranian. Examples can include pollen, dust, secondhand smoke, plastic, perfumes, or other sprays.

He might be allergic to his plastic water and food bowls. It could be seasonal which might take longer to identify. Some Poms have an allergy to grain and if their food is grain-rich, the tears may flow freely.

2. Eyelash Problems

Pomeranian tear stains and watering eyes may happen if conditions affect his eye lashes. Some may bend inward and some could grow from part of his eyelid where they shouldn’t be growing.

If these happen, your Pomeranian’s eyes may be red, swollen, and watery. It can become so uncomfortable at times that you may see he’s actually pawing at his eyes to make them feel better.

Having inward-growing lashes might not sound so bad but, must be treated urgently to avoid damage to one or both corneas.

3. Eyelid Problems

Apart from eyelashes pointing inwards, eyelids can bend inwards partially too. Lashes may then brush the eye, causing cornea damage.

The medical term for this is Entropion. It’s often genetic and is sometimes present when the puppy is born and diagnosed prior to his first birthday.

Cornea Injury

Pomeranians are very curious animals. They may accidentally scratch away part of the cornea with a toy, stick, blanket, or something similar. Depending on the level of damage, you may see redness, swelling, and some tearing.

Blocked or Narrow Tear Ducts

Pomeranian tear stains can occur if your Pomeranian has a blocked tear duct because the tears have nowhere else to go, except to spill onto his fur. Some Poms may have been born with narrow ducts and the single symptom is the teary discharge.

Pomeranian Eye Infections

Various eye infections can cause Pomeranian eye stains and/or discharge from the eyes. It could be a bacterial or viral infection such as conjunctivitis. If the discharge is yellow and thick, it’s time for a quick trip to the vet.

If you notice your Pom having wet hair around his face, get him to the vet as it’s an ideal breeding ground for yeast and bacteria too. Certain forms of yeast can change the color of fur around his eyes to a rusty color.

Removing Pomeranian Eye Stains
Removing Pomeranian Eye Stains

How You Can Clean Pomeranian Tear Stains?

Tear stains present no danger to your Pomeranian. However, they’re not pleasing to look at as they detract from that cute face.

You Ask How Do I Get Rid of Tear Stains on my Pomeranian?

Cleaning these discolorations isn’t difficult. However, there’s an important first step and that’s to determine the underlying cause because that could present problems.

There’s a chance the stains reappear if you don’t learn their cause and fix it.

To Reduce Pomeranian Eye Stains, Follow These Steps:

  • Human eye drops can be used to flush your dog’s tear ducts. A couple of drops twice a day in each eye often stops ugly eye staining.
  • Use a damp makeup pad to wash away the stains each day. (Use sterile water to moisten the pad or eye drops). Never use tissues around your dog’s eye area. Tissues are made from wood and may cause severe eye irritation.
  • Get antibiotics from the vet to prevent Pomeranian eye stains.
Tools used for cleaning Pomeranian eye stains
Tools used for cleaning Pomeranian eye stains

Many Pomeranian breeders also recommend:

  • Only providing bottled/distilled water for your dog to drink.
  • The use of moisturising eye drops.
  • Giving your dog Vitamin C.
  •  Include half a teaspoon of coconut oil in his food daily.
  •  For some dog tear stains apple cider vinegar helps. 1 teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar added the dog’s food daily may also be helpful. Some dogs wont eat their meal with the vinegar added, so start slowly only adding a few drops to start and increasing slowly to one teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar daily.

There are many products available to help remove and prevent eye stains. Certain products are added to your dog’s food.

Another approach is using a product applied externally to help minimize Pomeranian eye staining. Coconut oil applied to the hair under the eyes will help prevent ugly tear staining. Unfortunately, the majority of these eye stain remover-type products just don’t work.

Some can even be dangerous to your Pomeranian’s health.  As an exhibitor of Pomeranian show dogs, I have experimented and tried all the following methods to remove eye stains with great success. Removing unsightly eye staining is an important part of Pomeranian grooming.

How to clean Pomeranian tear stains
How to clean Pomeranian tear stains

How Can Vets Treat Tear Stains and Watering Eyes?

What treatments for Pomeranian watery eyes are more widely used? The best treatment largely depends on the cause. Flushing the irritated dog’s eyes is the simplest option.

However, eyelash and eyelid issues might need minor surgery or electrolysis to correct the problem. If your Pomeranian suffers from severe allergies, you may need to give him an antihistamine to decrease symptoms. However, if an infection is a cause, it could mean eye drops or antibiotics are needed on a regular basis.

Pomeranian Tear Stain Remover That Works

How to Get Rid of Tear Stains:

Presentation is extremely important for show Pomeranians. I follow the steps listed above and also apply a dog tear stain remover that works, externally each and every day. 

I have found the best tear stain remover for dogs is Eye Envy Tear Stain Remover.

Pictured Above: Pomeranian tear stains. Before and after using the recommended tear stain remover product.
Pictured Above Left: Pomeranian tear stains. Pictured Above Right: Pomeranian with little or no tear stains after using dog tear stain remover that works. Before and after using the recommended tear stain remover product.

I recommend Eye Envy – Tear Stain Remover Powder- for Dogs and Cats, 4oz – Safe and Natural as a Pomeranian tear stain Remover that works.

I have been using Eye Envy Tear Stain remover on the Pomeranian Puppy pictured above for a month and the results are amazing.

Repeat Every Day

Once you have the tear stain remover, you’ll need to apply it daily until the discoloration has disappeared. That would take an average of 10 days. After that, use it as needed.

How to Use Dog Tear Stain Remover

I started seeing good results, using the dog tear stain remover that works after a week.

  • Apply the tear stain remover powder each and very night.
  •  First wipe the area clean with a make-up remover pad.
  • Comb the hair under the eye in the opposite direction to encourage powder to coat each strand of hair.
  • Apply Eye Envy – Tear Stain Remover Powder- for Dogs and Cats, 4oz – Safe and Natural with either the tip of your finger, toothbrush or a cotton bud ( I use either a cotton bud or a toothbrush, but you can purchase a special applicator if required).

At this stage,  I have only purchased the powder Eye Envy.

Using the Eye Envy – Tear Stain Remover Powder- for Dogs and Cats, 4oz – Safe and Natural has proved very successful and my Pomeranian Puppy is now a consistent winner at Dog Shows.

Pomeranian Puppy is now a consistent winner at Dog Shows
After the use of Eye Envy tear stain remover, this Pomeranian Puppy is now a consistent winner at Dog Shows

Best Product to Remove Tear Stains on Dogs

For complete Pomeranian Grooming information refer to the Pomeranian Grooming Guide.

Final Thoughts on Pomeranian Eye Stains

Pomeranian tear stains are not an uncommon problem for Pom owners. There are two schools of thought on dealing with them, but the most important thing is that you take steps early rather than wait to become a more significant issue.

The first step should be making an appointment with your veterinarian so they can give you advice based on their professional expertise and knowledge base. Excessive Pomeranian eye-watering should be checked by a Veterinarian. Certain health issues can produce excessive tear production and resulting eye staining. 

Your veterinarian should check your dog's eyes for an eyelid or lash problem that could be irritating her eye or blocked tear ducts. Sometimes simple surgery can fix the problem of Pomeranian eyes watering. 

They might recommend at-home treatments or prescription solutions depending on the severity of your dog's condition. That said, there will come times when self-care isn't enough—your vet may even refer you back to us here at Pomeranian Headquarters.

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